May 7, 2007

At the 7th Circuit dinner.

Justice Stevens at the 7th Circuit dinner.

That's Justice Stevens at the lectern. He talked about the President who appointed him, Gerald Ford: Ford was smart and graceful, not like the image of him in the popular culture. Stevens only spoke for a short time, and he seemed sharp and nice and funny. That's Frank Easterbrook, the Chief Judge of the 7th Circuit, to the right. The main speaker was Solicitor General Paul Clement, but he's not visible in the picture. Clement gave a good talk about the role of the S.G. A lot of people don't know what the S.G. does. When you tell them you're the S.G., he said, they sometimes think you're the guy who puts the warnings on the cigarette packs.

UPDATE: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the Stevens speech.


hdhouse said...

Thanks for clearing up what a solicitor general is - was that his opening joke?

And all this time I thought Dick Morris was the general solicitor...(its an oblique joke - may take some thought)

Maxine Weiss said...

Oh look...table linens!

No placemats for this crowd.

Who set the table?

Look how the knife is set horizontally on the bread plate, with the knife handle on the right. (But what if you're left handed?)

hdhouse said...

not to mention the finished glass of WHERE is that sommelier when you need him?

sir? oh sir?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

But will you be able to simulblog Idol tonight?