April 24, 2007

Shopping with Chris.

Back on April 5, Chris and I went shopping on South Congress Street in Austin. It was that day we ate the calamari at Vespaio. I like the noir atmosphere in this shop:


Try on the hat:

Chris poses

And take what I always think of as the Elvis Costello "My Aim Is True" pose.



Titus said...

You have a handsome son Ann.

brian said...

Why is his shirt a different color in the second photo? Is it some sort of photoshop filter, or was the light just wacky? Cool shots, though.

Palladian said...

So cute. I'm in love.

Jennifer said...

I love seeing the pictures from time you spend with your sons. I find them very touching. Maybe it's because adult child/parent relationships are so much more voluntary than those of younger children.

Simon said...

I join Boston70's comment. Plus, that pic looks caught rather than posed, and those pics are always better.

Ann Althouse said...

I turned down the color saturation in the second picture. Just a matter of taste.

Ron said...

If Chris had a goatee, that hat would make him look like Leon Redbone!

Unknown said...

You're a great photographer Ann. You shoulda gone to art school. ;)

TMink said...

Elvis had the serious pidgeon toe thing going, but I see what you mean!

Titus said...

Ann, you have just recently gotten to taking pictures, right?

Your pictures are actually really good.

Have you ever thought about showing them to a gallery around Madison?

Wouldn't it be kind of cool to have your own showing?

I would actually consider buying some of them. I especially like the Dartmouth and Austin pictures.

reader_iam said...


How do you define "recently"?

The pictures, the images, have been an intrinsic part of the experience (of whatever type) here, at least for me, for a long time--which long time, I think, is relatively close to the beginning, in blogtime.

Also, if you like Althouse's images--and, please, accept my apology in advance if I'm stating the obvious--click any one of them to be carried to Flickr. Click, and explore.