April 12, 2007

Radio alert.

I'm going to do two radio shows tomorrow morning. One is the "Week in Review" show on Wisconsin Public Radio, at 8 Central. We go over the various news stories and take call-ins. It's on the "Ideas Network" stations in Wisconsin, and if you go to the WPR link, you'll see a button to listen on line. You too can call in! You can bring up a news story from the past week and make me talk about it.

At 10 Central, 11 Eastern, I'm going to do The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, New York Public Radio (93.9FM/820AM). We'll talk about how Rudy Giuliani has been attempting to deal with the abortion issue in the 2008 campaign, something I wrote about in a NYT column -- which you can read here if you have TimesSelect.

And don't forget the very hot new Bloggingheads episode with me and Bob Wright talking about breasts and me and me and breasts and Jesus... etc.


XWL said...

breasts and Jesus

Are you saying that Jesus suffered from gynecomastia?

Gordon Freece said...

How 'bout Tom Lehrer instead?

marklewin said...

Prof. Althouse:

Will you wade into the U.S. attorney purge and it's possible relationship to Wisconsin's U.S. attorney Steve Biskupic and the case he brought against Georgia Thompson last year?

I'm Full of Soup said...

Gotta say "Ideas Network" is a friging dumb name. Do they really have ideas? Are the ideas any good ? Or are they just full of soup? Should other networks be thought of as the "no ideas" network?

Just saying you know. I hate lame ass liberal feel-good crap. And has Donny Duetch ever had a big idea on his "Big Idea" TV show or is that just a name too?

I get a bit cranky after a six hour drive Ann- can you tell? Or maybe this is the real me.

hdhouse said...

for those with msplayers, wnyc is available in their radio/classical genre.

ohh aj lynch: you need to take a fair and balanced pill and get some rest.

Simon said...

Mindsteps (sounds like a Yes song!) - is there any new news in the US Attorneys story? I know Gingrich came out for Gonzales to go, but has anything of substance now emerged? Freder, you found any blackletter or common law to support your USAs as sui generis for purposes of dismissal? Hmm?