April 4, 2007

Omikase/"American Idol"

Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't watch "American Idol." We went out to a cool Austin restaurant called Uchi. We ordered the omikase. What was that? 10 courses? We lost count! We put our trust in the chef and accepted whatever the hell he sent out. What is it? Whatever! It was that kind of night.

But how to ascertain what happened on "American Idol"? I'll ease into the discussion board at Television Without Pity. The suspense is killing me! It's Haylie, right?
Gina! I wanted Haley to stay but I found it really sad tonight. I loved the moment when Gina and Haley were hugging and crying and that Gina seemed to be well loved. What a different goodbye than last week.
Oh, no! It's my rocker girl!
Bye Gina.

Did Sprinkles say “Gina Glocksen and her tongue ring?”
Aw, you know, last night, I was saying, that thing on her tongue really detracts from the performance. How can you sing "Smile" with a stud in your tongue? It's not the smile in the song. Too much message in the jewelry.
double u. tee. eff. Gina goes, and we're stuck with Legsy, the Vampire and Dhani Osmond for another week. I thought Gina did great last night.

And ooh, Uchi was sublime. Omikase, what a trip! "When's the last time you had rabbit?" The waiter said in the end. "Never!" I confess. "I only had rabbit because I put my trust in you." Trust well placed! Go to Uchi, kids. It's good. Yes, we paid $300 for dinner for 2, but you could eat cheese and crackers or Cheerios for a couple weeks, then show up for the drama that is omikase.

And, bye, Gina, you glorious rocker chick. Maybe some year, eventually, the rocker chick will win.


downtownlad said...

I hope there was sake with that meal.

You can get Omikase at Nobu for $100 a person.

Mark the Pundit said...

I hope there was sake with that meal.

The tone of the post suggests there was indeed lots of sake!

I kid because I love...

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, it was $100 per person.

No, no sake. We drank real wine.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

A wine snob/lawprof? I thought you disliked those.

I think you've been listening to Nina lately...putting your trust in the chef...

Cook! Where's my hasenpfeffer?

You ate rabbit on Easter weekend? You ate Peter Rabbit?!

downtownlad said...

Well, I agree with you that it is worth saving up for a meal like that. It really is not that expensive if you add it up over the course of the year. One big meal like that every 3-4 months, even someone on a very tight budget can splurge.

Food is one of the best bargains in the world. Most people will never be able to afford to stay at the best hotel, will never be able to buy the best car, and certainly can't afford to buy the most expensive house.

But save up for a little bit - and the average person can enjoy one of the best meals in the world. It's sad how few people do that though. They have zero qualms about spending $50 a meal at TGI Friday's, but they balk at spending $100 at a fantastic restaurant.

Cedarford said...

Omikaze with friends and peers? 1/2 hour of Idol?

No contest.

A good German white wine, even a nice Cali or Chilean white beats the heck out of sake with high-end Japanese food.

And let it be known that downtownlad, for once in his life, was dead right. For the price of two Olive Garden visits, every schmuck can not book a Gulfstream V John Kerry type jet, cannot saunter in the royal suites of the Dubai Hyatt. They cannot ever afford that Lamborghini since all the top end jobs "that no American would do" in their industry went to China or arriving Dubya-sanctioned H1-B visas.

But they can afford a truly memorable high-end meal just for avoiding 2-4 cheap restuarant visits.

Maxine Weiss said...

I knew it! I thought it was a fluke, but then I watched the "This Is Not A Podcast" Vlog...

...and living proof---Althouse does not have curtains on her windows !

I thought I was just imagining it from those weird windows behind the sofa thing...but she actually doesn't have curtains on those other windows that look out over the snowy yard, or whatever.

Such an exhibitionist, and the complete lack of curtains proves it!

The first thing you think about when you move to a new place is getting the windows covered....immedately....

There may be white curtains over the deck windows, though.

Peace, Maxine

dave™© said...

Drunk again. And running to a video cam to prove it.

You need serious help, lady.

nicky said...


Peter Palladas said...

"I only had rabbit because I put my trust in you."

And I trust you had a piece of buckshot in the meat. Can't be sure you've really eaten rabbit unless there's a chipped tooth to prove it.

Sake vs. Real Wine? Tut! Snob!

You should try blogging after a bottle of Daiginjo-shu - preferably one warmed between the breasts of a generous woman. (We have those kinds of restaurants.)

I knew a Catholic priest who would not take his claret any other way.

Ann Althouse said...

"You ate rabbit on Easter weekend?"

Wednesday's the weekend now?

But we did eat rabbit near Easter, and the waiter even joked about it.

Could you explain why it's appropriate to eat lamb for Easter?

Peter Palladas said...

Could you explain why it's appropriate to eat lamb for Easter?

...errr. "Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis..." anyone?

Definitely not a Catholic then!

Ron said...

Yes, isn't Christ the Lamb of God? Not the Bunny Rabbit of God, or even the Ham of God!

Lamb it should be!

Ann Althouse said...

Peter, that's my point! Why would someone be upset about eating one symbol of Easter and not another? If you think that eating Christ is represented in communion and that carries over to the dinner table, that demands an explanation, both why it carries over and why, if it does, eating rabbit at Easter can't also be portrayed in a positive light.

SteveR said...

I was planning to eats eggs tomorrow, is that ok?

Mike said...

You should not eat the Easter Bunny until after Easter. Isn't that obvious? I'll blame you Ann, when I don't get my Easter basket full of chocolate.

Mike said...

On the other hand, after Easter rabbits are fair game. The rabbits are so destructive in my garden, I would eat them with relish.

Blue said...

Not to nit-pick, but it's "omakase," as in お任せ, the "o" being the honorific prefix, and "makaseru" (任せる) being the word for entrust。 So, you entrust your meal to the chef.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Sorry about the Wednesday = weekend. I'm off of work, so, yeah, it feels like a weekend. But it is, indeed, Holy Week, so the proximity of rabbit-to-Easter is still there.

In my home, we always had ham [of God] on Easter.

SteveR: Eggs are fine tomorrow. A fast for Good Friday is even better.

Peter Palladas: Dona nobis pacem.

Peter Palladas said...

Peter, that's my point! Why would someone be upset about eating one symbol of Easter and not another?

Well, again it's this two cultures thing - 'Easter Bunny/Rabbit' means nothing to us over here. Not a symbol of Easter at all.

We don't do rabbits bringing presents and/or coloured eggs to good children. We just skip straight to the eggs.

There was a terrible happy-clappy phrase doing the rounds years back: "We are the Easter People and Hallelujah is our name."

Stern traditionalists, as myself, would remark with distain: "I am an Easter Bunny. My name is Mr Hallelujah, though you may call me Harvey."

Peter Palladas said...

Peter Palladas: Dona nobis pacem.

If I could I would. Still searching myself. Let me know if you find it.

JMo said...

Nothing beats watching the sun set into the pacific at the Park Hyatt Carmel. Dinner for two with wine $550.

Love the wine list - '98 Chateau Margaux... 1898....

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Maria said...

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Sankalp Banerjee said...

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