April 14, 2007

Great podcast about old commercials...

... full of cool, podcasty digressions. From Retrocrush. I'm LOL, literally, really. (And it's inspiring me to podcast again. You can lose track of what podcasting is supposed to be. This is a perfect example.)


in_the_middle said...

I've listened to this podcast for 10 minutes yet it's the podblathering that afflicts too many podcasts and why I rarely listen to any podcasts any longer.

I will say that though this guy is in Sacramento, he HAS to hail from Northern Illinois or even Mad town.

Maybe that's why you like him, he's like home to you? (You, btw, don't seem to have that accent, professor!)

Unfortunately to me this is the accent that grated me all through college and to this day grates like no other accent. (Ee-accent)

Ann Althouse said...

I guess you don't like my podcasts either then! I like this guy because he's funny. I think there's something funny about his voice, but it's certainly not that the accent feels "like home." I didn't move to Madison until I was 33.

Robert Berry said...

Thanks, Ann! I spent 7 years in Virginia, then the rest in California. My voice is just a result of a traditional nerd upbringing.

Also, I resent the claim that I'm podblathering. Anyone can tell I'm clearly podyammering.