April 3, 2007

For those who don't like their diavlogs surrounded in acid green.

Bloggingheads has competition from TNR's "What's Your Problem?" In the linked episode, Peter Beinart and Jonah Goldberg talk about blog comments, which Jonah thinks tend to be "inconsequential and snarky." Fortunately, they have comments. Let's check them out. I'd say they're more inconsequential than snarky. Somebody needs to bring the snark over there.


Brian Doyle said...

BHtv was great until you showed up.

Fen said...

I don't even bother with BHTV comments. Argument with innane stupid people [as above] is a waste of time.

reader_iam said...

Doyle, all stuff about Althouse etc. aside, isn't that sort of an odd thing to say in the same way that it would be odd for me to say "Fox [entertainment] network was great until American Idol showed up," or "Bravo was great until Actors Studio" turned up?

I mean there's been how many BHTv episodes now, and how many bloggers who have participated? What, all the rest are crud since Althouse showed up?

I avoid James Lipton and AI to the best of my ability (click!). Doesn't mean their existence altogether ruined their respective networks.

(**I do concede that my point is somewhat watered down in that one could argue that there have been deleterious effects due to AI's inspiring the cascade of reality shows generally, but only just so much. I can still Turn It All Off, and pick and choose, as can you.**)

In a wider observation, it's interesting to me that it's no longer sufficient for people to banish the presence of XX from their own lives, their own personal universes. Oh no: Now it's necessary to try to challenge and eliminate the existence of unwanted XX's from the stage generally.

And yeah, that cuts both ways.

Brian Doyle said...

I should have said consistently great until she showed up. I still watch it regularly, of course, but Ann's appearances are like scars on a beautiful woman. I don't like Byron York or the Doughy Pantload, but they at least sometimes bring something to the table and are relatively stable.

Anonymous said...

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