April 2, 2007

But why am I writing about that? I'm on vacation!

Here in Austin, I've got places to go. You're expecting something from me?


Events are taking place...


Just off in the distance....


No, no weddings or gala events for me. Just need to wander around... and see the pedestrian beauty...


... which is everywhere.

Road kill hair extension


Mike said...

What wrong with their trees!? They have green things all over them. Is it a blight?

MadisonMan said...

...and what are those colorful things at the bottom of the bushes?

Simon said...

The squirrels are less threatening when they're not in danger of getting into the house? ;)

Meade said...

Great fotos! Enjoy your vacation.

Maxine Weiss said...

Double entendres:

Fat = Pedestrian beauty.

Yes, when we are talking about the Carnivore state of Texas, it absolutely does.

Short of the bride in black, there are ways to make a white wedding gown more slimming.

It's all in the cut and the fabric.

Peace, Maxine

Maxine Weiss said...

It's too bright. The pounding of the harsh Texas sun.

Is there anywhere in Texas where they have fog?

I like a Marine climate with lots of foghorns and misty haze to cut through. Very serene and meditative.

I like a good overcast, grey day.

Peace, Maxine

Ricardo said...

Are you vacationing? Or are you interviewing at UT Law? Think about how the blogosphere would explode if you were to move to Texas.

mathies said...

Why in the world would you go to Austin on vacation? Ewww

HazBen11 said...

Austin is a great little town. I highly recommend Rudy's for BBQ (excellent smoked beef, turkey and sausages.) There is an ice cream shop on the other end of the bat bridge from downtown that is excellent as well. I forget the name of the hamburger shop I ate at which was about 3 blocks down further from the ice cream, also very good homestyle food.

hdhouse said...

I like the shoe hospital. rocky the squirrel has something going for it as well.

Ann Althouse said...

I have family here is the thing. Actually, in 1983 when I was doing my original interviews for a teaching job, I got an offer from Wisconsin and, because of that, cancelled the interview I had scheduled with Texas. That doesn't mean I thought Wisconsin was clearly better than Texas, but it's a pain to travel and do the interviews, and I was genuinely worried about global warming!

As for the bats, my hotel room has a balcony overlooking the bridge. I'll try to get some pictures.

That bride was wearing flip-flops, and I just missed catching it. She had her dress hiked up, then dropped it.

Galvanized said...

I must be dense, but what IS that thing in the bottom picture? Is it a hair weave in the middle of a street? LOL

mathies, are you serious? Austin is delightful!

I'll bet you would have loved being at UT. Texas IS hot and humid, but it makes for a casual, laidback lifestyle. And you just can't beat the Austin music scene and the diversity.

reader_iam said...

Hope that bride took someone into the bathroom with her.

Bet her wedding shoes hurt. I basically wore mine only for the actual wedding part, not really before or afterward. If your dress is merengue-y, you can get away with it.

Those bats are something. I've got lots of pictures of them somewhere. Funnily enough, I personally associate them with ... wait for it! ... weddings, because the first time I saw them in full form was in connection with my best girlfriend's rehearsal dinner, which was held at a fine restaurant right there.

She was not dressed as a merengue, however, the hippie-at-heart. And on both occasions on which I served as maid of honor on her behalf, she decked me out accordingly.

Got her back, though. For MY wedding, I put her in a green velvet dress--at 6 months pregnant.

/personal, OT, digression. (See what happens when those darn bats came out?)

reader_iam said...

My favorite line from About's Congress Avenue Bridge Bats page:

Depending on how close you are, an umbrella is a good idea (no, not protection from rain - think about it).

This is a close second:

Don't let the sight of the Congress Avenue bats distract you and cause you to walk into traffic and be cautious near roadways where drivers could become distracted themselves.

Be vewy, vewy cawreful, Althouse!