April 26, 2007

Big debate tomorrow. [I mean: today!]

I make a note to simulblog.


XWL said...

I don't think an eight person circus can really be called a debate.

More likely just to be posturing and competing talking points.

My prediction, it will just be a Bush-Bashfest with the leading candidates playing defense and the minor candidates (except Richardson who is running for VP) saying the more outrageous things.

But this prediction could describe every early debate in either party in any election year where an incumbent isn't running

Bruce Hayden said...

I am not quite sure of the whole point of it. Apparently, all these Senators and former Senators don't have enough to do trying to run the country, and arguably should thus be willing to take a pay cut in order to help balance the budget.

The problem is that it is some 1 1/2 years before the election. Almost anything can happen in that time, including other major candidates joining the race (like, for example, Algore).

It might be interesting if it were just Hillary, Obama, and the ambulance chaser with the Great Hair. But with so many no-chance candiates involved, it seems fated to have more effect on Global Warming than who the next president is going to be.

Roger J. said...

the big exercise of course will be to come up with the best sound bite while not screwing up. Definitely going to be a defensive struggle--except for the fringe guys. Its like the American Idol of politics!

MadisonMan said...

I will rely on your pithy blogging. I'm sure someone will say something that will be spun to their detriment, and we'll get to hear it ad nauseum.

I've not seen the format for the "debate". I hope the moderator asks each candidate a simple question. And then asks the next candidate the same question. But I guess that's a question/answer session, not a debate.

XWL said...

MSNBC is asking for questions to be submitted for the candidates, my question (that surely won't make air) was:

What's your position on extraditing Specialist Mario Lozano specifically, and US Forces in general when accused of crimes by our allies?

I'd be real confident in what answer each GOP candidate would give, but I'd love to see any of the Democratic Senators have to tap dance around this issue on cable television.

Maxine Weiss said...


marklewin said...

This could be entertaining. While simulblogging Ms. Althouse would you consider assuming the role of Former President Bill Clinton and include how you imagine he might respond in the debate?

AllenS said...

Thank you, Professor, for doing a job that most Americans refuse to do.