April 1, 2007

Austin images.

There's some desperately bad graffiti under that bridge (the one with the bats):



Man, that second one is so bad it makes me want to crumple up into a helpless ball of emotion and whimper "Hold me!"

Let's go to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and do the "Jesus Christ Superstar" singalong:


There's some sort of Cows on Parade type thing with guitars going on in Austin:


This one somehow represents Billy Bob Thornton.


If my eyeballs had the wings of an angel.


Maxine Weiss said...

Such giddy enthusiasm.

Not Chicago. Not Ithica. Not Philaldelphia (my favorite). Rather subdued in San Jose.

You can't be thinking of moving there. They'll never accept you.

Peace, Maxine

johnstodder said...

That eyeball reminds me of the old surfer/psychedelic comic artist Rick Griffin's Fighting Eyeball. Like here:


Pretty much the same thing.

Bissage said...

Image number two looks sort of like a primitive attempt at one of those chicks by Vaughn Bodé.

As thinking people, we must ask ourselves why anybody so obviously lacking in artistic talent would ever do such a thing.

My best guess? The meth in Austin must be of exceptionally high quality.

Scott said...

I really like Austin. The best place to have breakfast or lunch is Las Manitas on Congress Ave. I ate there several times during a weekend conference in January. Tex Mex like you never had it before. Hope someone recommended it to you.

James Travis said...

Where does Billy Bob Thornton come up on that guitar?
I think it's signed by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top who, despite their bubblegum hits of the 80s, were a really hot Texas band back when it really counted. -jt.

Ann Althouse said...

James: Thornton signed it too. There's a plaque at the base, which I have a photo of, that says it's signed by ZZ Top and Billy Bob Thornton.