March 18, 2007

Yesterday's Madison peace activities.

While I was up at the Capitol end of State Street yesterday, watching the St. Patrick's Day parade, Uncle Jimbo was monitoring the situation at the University end of the street, where I'd only seen the gestational phase of the anti-war activities. The parade I saw was really beautiful, with sunlight, the glistening white Capitol, a huge happy crowd, lots of kids running after candy thrown into the street, and our beloved Bucky Badger. It was so beautiful that when I started thinking about how beautiful it was, I had to struggle not to break down and cry -- and tears come to my eyes as I type this. I mean, look at this:

You're dissolving into maudlin tears now, aren't you? Or are you a staunch anti-war type, firming up your belief that Althouse is soft in the head and waiting to see just how badly she's going to slam the activists down at the other end of the street? I'm just going to leave it to Uncle Jimbo:
We start off with a quick chat with Lee Rayburn, deposed local Air America host, and victim of Clear Channel’s corporate savagery. This was cut short by the cowbelling of the orchestra. Next we have young Atticus intoning the words of his savior John Lennon. He actually does a creditable job and tries to stir some life into the scene; he is hamstrung by the pacing of the song and the anti-depressant medications of much of the crowd.
More at the link, including the part with the puppets ("an evil W flushes our sons, daughters, civil liberties, and future down a giant toilet"). Here's his video (in which you will hear the f-word):


Patrick said...

This reminds me of how so many of the anti-war people I've known are the very least personally peaceful people .

"Peace for thee, not for me" is their supposed motto. All rationalized of course in supposed righteous anger and rage for a good cause. But, it's still a lack of real peace.

Not all of them to be sure, but a good enough many to make it a curiosity to me. Making it seem like they are raging against an outward war to distract from the inner war they are refusing to quell.

Ann Althouse said...

... talked about at the beginning of this post, go here. Sorry, I'm having trouble getting Blogger to accept embedded video today. It took the videos that are already embedded there, but now I can't get it to accept an update, even just to provide this link to the video. Annoying glitch.

ShadyCharacter said...
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ShadyCharacter said...

patrick, your questioning of my peaceful intentions makes me want to smack you in your lying deceitful face!

just kidding :)

Freder Frederson said...

This reminds me of how so many of the anti-war people I've known are the very least personally peaceful people .

Of course, Uncle Jimbo starts his piece describing his footwear as good for "hippie stomping".

So Ann, what exactly is the point of this post and the attached clips. To mock the anti-war demonstrators. I guess the mocking would be legitimate if you had relayed a little story how you or Jimbo had supported the war effort yesterday.

Instead of mocking the anti-war protests Jimbo could have visited patients at the VA hospital. Or maybe he could have documented his trip to the recruiter's office where he enlisted to help fight the war he is obviously so enamored of. He seems awful eager to stomp some hippies. How about directing some of that rage at terrorists.

And how about you Ann? You seem to prefer to pretend everything is just normal. How about recounting how you wrote your congressmen and the president suggesting we figure out a way to pay for this war out of current funds. Or maybe you should have spent the fourth anniversary of the war, instead of watching frivolous parades, having a heart to heart with your son. Telling him how important shared sacrifice is and how it isn't fair that people who volunteered for the military are on their third or fourth tours yet absolutely no one else in this country has been asked to do the least little thing to support the war effort. That perhaps he should stand up and relieve the burden on one of those military families.

My wife found out on Friday, she has to go back for her third tour this summer. I'm sorry the St. Pats parade made you cry, but some of us have other priorities.

Jennifer said...

Freder - Uncle Jimbo was US Army Special Forces. He has also been very involved - very publicly - with lots of veterans rights and soldiers rights issues.

Smilin' Jack said...

Let me take the mellow middle ground here...I hate both parades and demonstrations.

Demonstrations: Any bozo who thinks waving a sign makes him worthy of my attention has just proven himself too stupid to be worth my attention. Just get out of my way, bozo. (But if you ever want to see faces filled with anger and hate, a "peace demonstration" is your best bet.)

Parades: At least demonstrators have some reason for being in my way. I can't think of anything more boring than being in a parade, except watching one. All they accomplish is blocking the traffic of people going somewhere to do something useful or enjoyable. Get out of my way, bozos.

Ann Althouse said...

I don't really care much about parades. I just happened upon this one, and I enjoyed seeing how much the little kids loved it. It was really sweet.

Omaha1 said...

I saw a protest on TV -
In many ways, it seemed so sad.
I heard so much profanity,
The taste left in my mouth was bad.

The communists could not shut up -
Cries of "empire" rang long and loud.
Who'd lift that genocidal cup?
See millions dead, yet be so proud?

"No More Lives Wasted!" their lament -
As if the soldier knows not why,
To mortal conflict, he is sent,
And has no fear, that he might die

So far from home and family,
Someone, in dusty combat gear
Will see these protests, on TV
And shed another lonely tear.

Uncle Jimbo said...

I think next year I will be at the festive end of the street.

Just to clarify my hippie-stomping footwear, There was a big demonstration in DC and many people I knew were going to counter-protest as a Gathering of Eagles. I made a joke PSA video where I talked about how to interact safely with the protesters.

Moonbat Safety Video

I do come out unequivocally against mud-hole stomping, and I think my relations with our local folks were demonstrably pleasant.


Uncle J

Freder Frederson said...

Well, I apologize to Uncle Jimbo. I should have researched his background before I cast aspersions on him.

Thank you for your service.

Uncle Jimbo said...


It's all good. What's your take on the Moroder remake of Metropolis? I have to admit I am a major fan. The music hit my sweet spot when it came out.


Uncle J

Freder Frederson said...

It's all good. What's your take on the Moroder remake of Metropolis?

Way too much of the film was left on the cutting room floor (and remember, even the most complete versions available are missing about up to an hour of the original film), although I did like the music. The best version is 2001 restoration which is available on DVD.

Simon said...

Jimbo - I liked the petting zoo analogy, that was pretty fun. :)

Ben Masel said...

I'll accept jimbo's piece as goodnatured fun, and appreciate he gave me the last word, but making the same wisecrack about me twice shows a deficiency of creativity

Larry said...

The best of the best in the parade video?

The voice of a child saying "Thank you" when the people on the truck threw candy (or what ever it was).

That truly does bring a tear...

Might not be so rare in Madison, I suppose.

Larry said...

I didn't watch the peaceniks. I got my fill of that at Litton Plaza.