March 12, 2007

"There is a coke-y aspect to comedy. It is a very heady drug. It's like a dessert drug."

"It's like eating a lot of cream pies. And drama's like a savory meal. It hits different buttons. It takes you on a journey.... If everyone's ready for you to make dessert, and you say, 'I'm gonna come and do a savory chicken. It's got minerals and carbohydrates,'" Eddie Izzard frets about rejection.


Joseph Hovsep said...

Do you like Izzard? I've only recently come across his stand-up and I've found him to be pretty funny.

Ann Althouse said...

I love him. I have all his concert DVDs and am interested in his new TV show.

Joseph Hovsep said...

He's not unique for doing this, but he's become a master of continually spinning multiple little tidbits of his act back into later seemingly-unrelated bits, which is a brilliant comic technique because you end up laughing at the new joke while remembering the old joke and laughing independently at the synthesis of the two (or more) jokes, all at once.

Peter Palladas said...

These are dead pears, man.

Cake or death. You don't know what you've been missing. America awake to the good life. Straight man in stilettos.

Buy the DVDs, shut your eyes and disappear into the vortex of his voice.

Ann's voice has that same quality. Does she wear stilettos? One can only assume so.

Peter Palladas said...


"Formidable law blogger Ann Althouse." – Slate

"The divine Ms. Althouse." – Terry Teachout

"Legal scholarship as performance art." — Jack Balkin

"Sucked into the Althouse vortex." — Isthmus

"Althouse: the Eddie Izzard of blogging." - Eddie Izzard

"Great shoes." E. I.