March 7, 2007

"Sundance has a fauxhawk, and Sanjaya's been menaced by a flat iron. Thank the good lord Phil decided to wear a hat tonight."

Sez Joe R. File this post under Althouse doesn't really blog about "American Idol" anymore. Eeeeeee... please help me. I don't want to think about Sundance singing "Jeremy." I'd forgotten. And now I'm remembering.... ow....


SteveR said...

Hopefully you resme AI postings. We need to lighten the mood around here.

Not much to talk about so perhaps you are ahead of the curve.

PatCA said...

Okay, I'll go!

I actually like Blake and Chris a lot, but they are too cool for school IMO to win. They should tell a story with their songs, not impress us with their uniqueness so much...assuming of course they want to be an Idol and are not just auditioning for a record deal.

LoafingOaf said...

Blake and Brandon were the best last night. None of the males will win the whole thing, but Blake will probably get an album deal out of it nonetheless.

Not sure why the judges were negative towards Brandon. It wasn't great, but I'll take a little funkiness over the usual.

I'll confess I actually voted for Antonella last week. LOL Several times.

Not because she was any good, but because it amuses me that she's surviving. Plus, I liked her green dress.

I don't wanna see one of the three best female singers get voted off before her, but amongst the rest it's not such a travesty and I'd rather have Antonella hanging around over them. Makes the results shows more interesting, too.

But no one is making dumber song choices than Antonella. She should be trying to go in a more fun, completely pop direction. I think one of the judges said something like that and that was right. Instead of the Celine Dion stuff.

Looking forward to tonight... outside of the battle between the better singers (Doolittle, Lakisha (sp?) and Simone), it's what Atonella is gonna do that interests me!