March 16, 2007

On the radio.

Here's a radio interview with me... about blogging.


Ron said...

What no BloggingHeads TV coverage of the radio interview about blogging? A shame. All of media -- into the vortex!

somefeller said...

Since this is a post about blogging (sort of), I thought you might want to see a rather opaque comment from Richard Brookhiser at NRO's The Corner Thursday evening:

"Caveat Lector [Rick Brookhiser]
Instapundit - Glenn Reynolds = 0
Nothing is harder than simple.
03/15 10:21 PM"

I guess Brookhiser isn't impressed with you and your fellow substitutes for Glenn Reynolds. Or maybe he's just rambling again (he tends to do that).

Ann Althouse said...

Somefeller: Yeah, I saw that... and just wondered why is Richard Brookhiser going out of his way to make me hate him? Was it my set-to with Jonah Goldberg? I don't know! I guess since he's a conservative, he wants thing to stay the same and has an aversion to change. Brookhiser... Brookhoser!

peter hoh said...

The conversation I'd like to hear has to do with the effect of blogging -- and conversing with readers -- on writing. I'm sure that your NYT columns were different than what you might have written had you not been blogging for the past 3 years.

I happened to hear a public policy wonk/blogger give a luncheon address. I've been reading her for several years, and while she talked, I noticed that certain phrasing -- and certain phrasing she scrupulously avoided -- were certainly informed by the ongoing conversation of her blog. During the Q&A, this became even more apparent.

The blogger benefited from a lively comments section that featured people from several places on the political/cultural spectrum, with a wide variety of life experiences. Many commentors had taken her to task, and I think that honed her thinking -- and writing.

Maxine Weiss said...

Artful off-topic:

Nobody has anything in common anymore.

No matter what our beliefs, ideology, religion, economic status; we were always linked together simply because we are Americans. Just being an American was enough to make people care about each other.

It's not enough anymore. We've lost that sense of peoplehood. What does a limousine liberal in Manhattan really have in common with an agrarian Montana farmer, even though they may both be members of the same political party???

(Actually maybe I can tie it all together !)

And, blogging will not fix it. Blogging is not going to heal the world.

Peace, Maxine

Hazy Dave said...

"Media darling." Heh. I didn't even hear Jane call you "conservative".