March 24, 2007

"It's about these lovers and they took poison."

"It was like 'Drink this, and it'll make you seem like you're dead or whatever....'"


Ann Althouse said...

There was a bad link here for a few minutes. It's good now.

Peter Palladas said...

Eddie Izzard's options of 'cake or death' seem quite sane compared with 'death or whatever'.

Which is a shame. Eddie's insanity is his strength. Or whatever.

ron st.amant said...

cake, please

Omaha1 said...

Romeo, where art thou, dude?
Your name's on my arm tattooed
Capulet by any nick
Don't mean much, I'm still lovesick.
Montague, the hell you say?
I'd hook up with you today
You're a hottie, dontcha know
You dis me, where would I go?
I can't make you love just me
Guess I'll stage a fake OD
Iffen I be dead and such
Then you won't mouth off so much

From Inwood said...

Woody Allen Lives!

From Inwood said...

Woody Allen Lives.

(Love And Death, 1975)