March 12, 2007

If you're not getting enough Althouse here.

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Jeff said...

Patti Smith is a delusional hack.

Jeff said...

This article, also from the NYTimes, seems appropos in light of recent Althouse troll-bait regarding appearances, etc.

Last Hurrah for a Gay Playground

"Mr. Blair, who had owned gay health clubs, explained the coding system that he and his business partners devised for the Roxy’s loyalty cards and mailing lists. “We rated everybody on a scale from 1 to 4 based on how they looked,” he said. They kept the rankings in a database, so that for certain events they could direct their invitations to a specific mix of loyal customers and trophy guests.

“We gave out very few 1s — that’s the worst-looking, or for straight people,” he said. “Then, most people got 2s; if they’re pretty, they got a 3. Four is for people we have to let in free — either they’re really hot or they’re a friend of mine or somehow important in the club community.”"

Bissage said...

I think I get it: Patti Smith will selflessly accept her knighthood on behalf of all the little people.

Kick out the jams, indeed.

Peter Palladas said...

He explained that 3s were actually more desirable guests than 4s. “A 3 is a cutie that pays,” he said.

Now that is sound pink business principles, or any other colour.

Burning alive is too good for 4s - huge carbon footprint and no net economic contribution.

AlphaLiberal said...

Blogging at Instapundit? Why how very (un)moderate!

Fatmouse said...

Watch out, the twin vortexes might rip the very fabric of the universe apart.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

And, really, who is getting enough Althouse these days?

Simon said...

ll that, you're still not getting enough Althouse here and at Instapundit, the Gargoyle magazine interview is now online. (PDF warning).

Jeff said...

One post at Instapundit, and one post about that post here?

The three of you have posted less in one day than Glenn posts by himself... from a laptop in his car during a hurricane.

Peter Palladas said...


But Law Professors is what I really wanted to talk about, because… you don’t really- well, they don’t get enough press these days, do they?

I don’t think they ever did, because very rarely you see, “Law Professors: Oh!’ Says Man”

You know what I mean… ‘Cause my Gran said, “Put a Law Professor on your finger, and it helps you, in case you slip with a needle, the needle goes up, and into brain, and death…”

And before Law Professors were invented, it was… “Needle Death – Tragic – Whole Family! Family of Sewers – Tragic! ‘If Only Law Professors Were Invented,’ says psychic man with big hat… and beard to match”

“Law Professors Compulsory for Children in Many Buses”

So – yeah…

The best thing with Law Professors is to put one on each finger, and then you can do impressions of Law Students. (Mimes tapping fingers) Law Students with one too many legs, I suppose…

‘Cause they do have a metallic sound, don’t they, Law Students’ shoes?

Well, Law Students have got hooves; they’ve got this bit of semicircular metal nailed to each and every foot! And that’s just a con!

For centuries, blacksmiths saying:
“Is that your Law Student? Better nail a bit of semicircular metal to each of his [or her] feet!”

“Oh, no, thanks, it’s got hooves! Thanks very much.”

“No, better nail a bit of semicircular metal on. Have you ever had a blowout on a Law Student doing 70? Yeah…”

(Mimes Law Student getting out of control)

“Steel radials, that’s what you want, mate! Are those anti-lock hooves?”

“Ooh, I’m not sure…”

It is. Perhaps it’s a big con, they’ve done it very successfully for centuries, but they were just trying with all hoofed students.

“You got any more in your farm? First year philosophy? Bring them in, they’ve got hooves!”

And engineers and Eng. Lit., hooves the lot of them! I’ll put shoes…

And your Deans and Vice-Principals of Studies get the whole bloody farm in!

And your next door neighbour. The whole farm for 50 quid…”

Deans going around, going ‘clang, clang, clang…’ (Points finger) “Quack!”

Swimming out in the water… (Mimes swimming and sinking, only to take off horseshoes at the end)

They don’t do the breast-stroke, do they, Deans? They just (Mimes a Dean swimming).

Any Dean doing that is really kind of crap. (Moves from breast stroke to crawl)

And it’s also lucky, horseshoes are lucky! And Law Professors have four bits of lucky nailed to their feet. They should be the luckiest animals in the world! They should win all their Law Professor races, shouldn’t they?

“It’s after 3:30, and today, every single Law Professor was first equal…

One Law Professor dropped a shoe, came in fourth… And the Dean was ninth. Five ran…”

It’s what they always say at the end, don’t they? A bit of useless – “five run.”

Are there people at home, going, “But how many ran?”

Or is it the idea, “Five run, one sauntered, really… one drove a small car… one windsurfed, one “hang-glid.”

Yeah, you decline the verb “to hang-glide,” then – I hang-glide, you hang-glide, he/she hang-glides, we hang-glid, you hang-glided, they “hang-glidededed.”

Anyway, that’s all rubbish!

…Can you not hear the authentic voice of Ms. Divablog?

SippicanCottage said...
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Peter Palladas said...

And, really, who is getting enough Althouse these days?

A man may and does dream.

Last night it was Chief Inspector Morse seeking to buy a clarinet and being exceedingly disappointed in the quality of modern retail service.

Mortimer Brezny said...

How could anyone possibly get enough Althouse?

Maxine Weiss said...

Well, Pandagon did it again!

Once again they've invoked the Althouse name and linked her with Kathleen Parker. Well, they are both blonde, so...

And get this: the issue is rape.

Lots of statistics bandied about and such.

The one rape statistic that nobody over there wants to discuss: The number of woman gun owners who get raped.

Apparently, woman who own guns don't have a problems with getting raped.

Don't tell that to Pandagon. You'll get banned if you mention it.

Peace, Maxine

Peter Palladas said...

InstaSoup. Noodles to the Nation.

Visit us at

This is not spam.

Ann Althouse said...

Who's Kathleen Parker?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Kathleen Parker is an online columnist at the Jewish World Review.

Fen said...

Blogging at Instapundit? Why how very (un)moderate!

Tsk tsk Ann. You are not allowed to associate with moderates on the right.

Conserve_Liberty said...

Metallic python?

$850? I will never understand shoes.