March 1, 2007

"I need a fix every now and again - and not just of the turkey wobble neck."

Andrew Sullivan confesses to a strange fascination with Bill O'Reilly.

But shouldn't it be turkey wattle neck?

And if you realized the word was "wattle" and not "wobble," would it change the direction of you ideation, so that maybe it would not have to end up -- yikes! -- here.

Oh, no. The Urban Dictionary indicates that the respelling only makes things worse. Wow. That's new to me. Oh, no. Ooh. Sorry to start off the morning so low.


MadisonMan said...

Aah...the light dawns! People with tenure are wearing pants that give them a wattle. They are fearful of unconstricting pants!

Yes, that is lame and low.

Simon said...

Just makes me think of Ally McBeal - didn't Greg Germann's character have a "wattle fetish"?

AJ Lynch said...

Will be interesting to see if O'Reilley acknowledges the attention from Sullivan. I wager he will do so with a nod of his head perched on top of his turkey neck.

Plus Oreilley may start pushing for an "Andrew's" law to keep Sullivan from getting too close.

George said...

Would this be a case of no snoods is good snoods?

Meade said...

The last line in Sullivan's post helps explain the expressions on his beagles' faces in the illustration top right.
Poor trapped pooches.

hdhouse said...

O'Reilley? Oh Really?

Turkey seems just about right.

AJ Lynch said...

Meade - good one! You sure have superior powers of observation.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Simon: Bygones.