March 17, 2007

Hey, Glenn's back.

He says we guestbloggers did our "usual topflight job," but he reveals that he got "a few grumpy emails" from readers who don't like him to be away, and he's got to know that Richard Brookhiser was all:
Instapundit - Glenn Reynolds = 0
Nothing is harder than simple.
It's irksome the way Brookhiser assumes that the assignment was to imitate Glenn. But that is a problem with guestblogging. It gives the impression that you are trying to be the same as the person you're filling in for, and you know a lot of readers will judge you by your failure to do what you may or may not be trying to do. So maybe you do sort of try not to disappoint them, but you're also trying to use the opportunity to show them what you are. But then you are Hybrid You. You don't want to be Hybrid You, you want to be You You, and you want Richard Brookhiser to love you, right? You know, I'm just kicking myself. I forgot to ask WWRBLTR.

ADDED: And it goes without saying -- though it's not nice to leave it unsaid -- that I'm really happy to get to read Glenn again, and I feel honored to have been asked to guestblog again.


Ann Althouse said...

I'm sure Brookhiser thought that his post demonstrated his ability to write like Reynolds. But nothing is harder than being pithy without being an asshole...

EnigmatiCore said...

Wow, you coulda had a V-8!

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Curtiss said...

Everyone is a critic.

Jim Hu said...


Irene Done said...

Somehow, in my mind that reads "nothing is harder than being pithy without being an athhole."

Omaha1 said...

Ann Althouse not Glenn, what the hey!?
No shape-shifter she, but today
Instapundit is back!
What his substitutes lack
Will be remedied now, right away!

T'was amusing how multiple hosts
Couldn't equal his volume of posts
Now that he's returned
This lesson we've learned -
Without Reynolds, the blogosphere coasts.

Omaha1 said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Re equalling his number of posts: I was writing a second blog here, you know.

Ann Althouse said...

But, sorry to be so pissy! It's a great poem. I'm sure Glenn will see it, too.

Anonymous said...


Whats that mean?

Ann Althouse said...

Hu knows what it means.

Sissy Willis said...

Variety is the spice . . .

There's only one Glenn Reynolds, and there's only one Ann Althouse:

Vive la difference!

George M. Spencer said...

FOR TRADE: Low-gen, SBD Reynolds ConLawI 11/7/98 Plessy>Ferguson, Brown, Board, (Good) Lovin'>Drumz>Space>Virginia.

And leave it on!

Trouble ahead,
Glenn in red.

Omaha1 said...

Ann, that was not intended as a dig at you. If Glenn could market the source of his productivity he would be a very rich man. In spite of what appears to be a very full life, including writing books and recording music, he somehow finds the time to post 30 or 40 times a day! I don't know how he does it!

Maxine Weiss said...

Why do you need Guest Bloggers?

Wouldn't it just be natural that if he goes on vacation, then so too does the blog?

Peace, Maxine

Brian Doyle said...

This is some funny stuff. Let be just be the first of the Althouse Trolls to acknowledge that you are every bit as thin-skinned about criticism from conservatives as you are liberals, even though there's less of it (for obvious reasons).

Didn't have the heart to call him an asshole in the post itself though, which is disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Now that you can devote your time to this blog, maybe you can follow up on your posts earlier this year on the AMT, and even on Simon's well called out demand that the Dems do something about "Don't ask don't tell."

Keep the Dem's feet to the fire?

(Did anyone see the shoutout to Simon in today's LA Times?)

Sissy Willis said...

I used to envy your being chosen by the Professor to guest blog . . . Now my skin is crawling at the ugliness of the worms that turn.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks for the sympathy, Sissy!

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, Omaha is pretty good. And you're the historian, so you ought to know what the competition is.

Sissy Willis said...

The poem was excellent on its own terms but in no way is the author "Poet Laureate of the Althouse blog."

The poem was all about him/her/it. He/she/it has some issues with Ann that have nothing to do with her.

Should a Poet Laureate of the Althouse blog emerge, our hearts would soar in recognition of this brilliant oner. There is no other like her. Get over yourself, omaha1.

Omaha1 said...

sissy, you hurt my feelings :(

Get over myself? Issues with Ann?

I love Ann's blog, it's one of the only places I bother to comment. This particular poem was sort of an homage to Reynolds, I'm sorry if anyone perceived it as critical of Althouse.

Oh and I am a "she", not a "he" or "it".

Helen said...


I enjoyed reading your posts and all of the guest bloggers at Instapundit this week. You did a great job. Guestblogging for another blogger is hard because the readers are coming to hear from him/her. I imagine if Glenn subbed for you, he would hear much of the same!

XWL said...

That post from Dr. Helen has presented me with a conundrum. There's a rather obvious, and (probably) sexist joke to make with regards to that statement based on various strains of commentary regarding Prof. Althouse and Dr. Helen, especially when viewed in light of the Bloggingheads in which they were both involved.

Then when considering this conundrum, is it informed in any way by the discussion regarding a possible evolutionary biology basis for the differences in male/female approaches to humor?

I just might be over thinking this a bit.

So, please don't find the following too offensive, and take it in the spirit of fun that it's meant to be consumed (though, maybe there's also just a hint of wishfulness also, but only a small hint)

It certainly speaks to the very real problem that women face (more so than men) that whenever they put themselves in a public, or semi-public space, they will be judged and appraised with regards to their sexual attractiveness (so I guess this also touches on the AutoAdmit stuff, as well).

But then, men are appraised for their wit, wittiness, social standing, so it's just the opposite side of the coin and is a reflection of the general calculus of attraction and how a person's gender effects what elements are included in this appraisal.

Also, the following joke speaks to the wildly different way in which orientation, and the possibility of flexibility of orientation is perceived when speaking about women rather than men.

Is it right? Not entirely. Is it fair? Who said life was fair? Is it a habit developed over a lifetime? Definitely.





I enjoyed reading your posts and all of the guest bloggers at Instapundit this week. You did a great job

Oh, come on already, just get a room you two (and don't forget the video camera . . .)

(for another bloggingheads segment, of course)

[awful lot of build up for such a weak joke, don't you think?]

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Omaha1 said...

Judging by the reaction to my comments on this thread, I have finally mastered the art of miscommunication. No, I did not take offense at being called "he". Just trying to correct the record, although it would probably be better if I edited my profile to avoid that misconception in the future.