March 27, 2007

"The dread idea of arts administration has come to YouTube."

"... YouTube’s not really supposed to have any aesthetic or ideological principles, is it?"


MadisonMan said...

(crickets chirping)

I'm not alone, it seems, in not caring about YouTube. It's okay to look at, but the signal to noise ratio is miniscule.

Henry said...

Remember when MTV just showed videos?

Galvanized said...

I could watch YouTube for hours on end...have, in fact. I don't want to see it "go Hollywood." To give awards and recognize with votes will only encourage contributors to work by formula for viewship, by popularity, and will eventually stifle the amateur creativity and kookiness that we have enjoyed 'til now. It will no longer be about finding those offbeat, isolated videos, or one-time submittors that share a chance or peculiar event. Those vids are made as a creative outlet for sharing more than to entertain. But as the opportunity for fame and money enter, vids slowly come to focus on a more professional look, with serial production and ongoing storylines, and predictability -- the stuff we that could have just watched on TV. The big ideas will come in to network and syndicate, and make money, and YouTube will lose its voyeuristic, private feel in favor of connectedness and mass appeal, which many don't want. YouTube should be kept the mess it has been -- an amateur-based,serendipitous, loosely organized pocket of entertainment.