March 17, 2007

Downtown Madison, on St. Patrick's Day.

So I go downtown today, and of course, it's St. Patrick's Day, but I'm just looking for a little walk and a stop someplace where I can read the newspaper and drink some coffee. Still, I had my camera, and there were things to see.

Down at the campus end of State Street, it's looking like this:

Peace march

Cooking up a peace march, apparently.

Peace march

But up at the Capitol end of the street, there's a different crowd:

St. Patrick's Day parade

With a different attitude:

St. Patrick's Day stroller

The sun is shining. The parade is about to begin. First, the pipers:

Then, the 132nd Army Band Wisconsin National Guard:


Mickey said...

Dubya looks good, don`t he ?

dick said...

National Guard band is pretty good. Were there any protesters at the St Patrick's Day parade? anyone protesting the Guard being there?

Brendan said...

Very nice. Speaking of the Square, did you ever buy that condo?

Uncle Jimbo said...

Fun day downtown.

I have a bunch of video of the protests which were interesting but not as lively as I expected.

St. Patty's Day Protests