March 15, 2007

Bloggingheads... the movie.

(Via Bloggingheads.)


pablo H said...


The problem is they can't find the right partner for Althouse. The other women are boring, and the men are too cowed or unable to disagree with you in an appropriate manner.

Oh, & the other problem is that Bob doesn't like strong conservatives. So, we get lots of boring conversations about whether Ann Coulter should be burned at ths stake or merely put to sleep in a humane manner.

Ann Althouse said...

I've been on the left side more than once. With at least three "opponents": Jim Pinkerton, Jonah Goldberg, and Glenn Reynolds.

As for the ideal partner for me, I want someone who would play with the form, change up the subjects more, horse around a bit ... and not talk about economic policy or military strategy! I should just flat out reject those medicinal topics.

Anyway, the Mickey and Bob pairing really is great... though I agree Bob's attack on Coulter can be a bit much. Mickey fights back pretty well in the new episode. The problem is that Mickey is friends with Ann Coulter.

Simon said...

It's a creative use of Carmina Burana, at least. :p

santa said...

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Annie said...

The frame that is just sitting there before you start the video (I don't know if it's always the same one) looks uncomfortably like a parody of the Danny Pearl beheading. One guy with his head bowed, another in rubber gloves (is what it looks like).

I still duck at low-flying planes, too.

- amba

Annie said...

I wrote that and then read further down and saw that you mentioned Danny Pearl in an earlier post. Eek.

giles said...

annie, parody is a form of comedic mimicry. I do not believe it is possible to parody the beheading of Danny Pearl.