March 7, 2007

Banning YouTube in Turkey... and you probably know why.

Somebody's making fun of Ataturk!
The court was acting on the recommendation of a prosecutor, who was himself apparently prompted by an escalating war of homemade YouTube videos created by ethnic Greeks and Turks, who antagonized one another with clips featuring images of Ataturk as hero or fool, the flinging of insults, and spurious incantations like “Ataturk is gay."
(I think this is a TimesSelect link.)

ADDED: "Spurious Incantations" would be a good name for a blog. "Ataturk Is Gay," not so much.


StephenB said...

Whew!! Slow down...I can't...[gasp for breath]...keep up.

What's this, like your fiftieth post this morning? My side hurts, and I need a drink of water.

JohnAnnArbor said...

They also are touchy if anyone brings up Armenians.

monkeyboy said...

I remember what is probably a sea story, about a young Sailor or Marine (I heard both) who gets drunk during a liberty call in Turkey and blindly urinates on a statue of Ataturk. He's put in jail for years and the task force has to leave without him.

freelunch said...

Apparently our Congress is in the process of reminding Turkey of the Armenians.

I suspect that the government doesn't much like being told that it's oppressing the Kurds, either.

Steve Donohue said...

I think "Ataturk is Gay" was the second album put out by Styx. But that was a long time ago.

Pastor_Jeff said...


Maybe you're thinking of "The Serpent is Rising"? :-)

Every time I hear "Ataturk" I think of some vizier encouraging a faithful servant.


Daryl Herbert said...

Let me just say, the only reason I'm not calling Ataturk a faggot--and I'm not calling Ataturk a faggot--is because Ann doesn't want people calling Ataturk a faggot in her comments section. She won't even allow us to debate whether or not Ataturk is a faggot, introduce evidence that shows Ataturk is a faggot, or introduce evidence that shows it's unlikely that Ataturk is a faggot. We can't have an open debate here about whether Ataturk is a faggot, so I'm just going to drop the subject of whether Ataturk is a faggot.

If I wrote that Ataturk was a faggot, Ann Althouse would probably demand that Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounce my remarks. How illogical is that--why should the Turkish premier have to denounce my remarks? I just keep imaging Ann Althouse doing illogical things and it makes me so angry.

If I can't call Ataturk a faggot--and I'm not calling Ataturk a faggot--can I call KKK members faggots? What if KKK members came here, once a week, to leave comments? I couldn't call them faggots? The important thing is, where do you stand on treatment of KKK members. If you won't answer that all-important, all-telling question, I'm just going to have to assume it's because you know you'd be exposed as a hypocrite. If I can call KKK members faggots, then I can definitely call Ataturk a faggot, no question there.

I knew some Turks, once, and they were really gay. Totally homosexual. They said back in their country, half the men said they were gay, and the other half pretend to be women. Turkey must be the gayest country on earth. When people say they're proud to be Turkish, you know they're talking about taking it in the Turchish. They bend over like five times a day, and those are the religious ones.

To me, the word "Turkey" is basically synonymous with "gay." I can barely sit through Thanksgiving dinner without thinking about what a faggot Ataturk might have been (I still haven't said Ataturk was a faggot). It's like, "please pass the mash potatoes, and no sodomy, effendi," and then my aunt gives me this weird look, and the table gets quiet for a few seconds. Yes, I came out to my family at Thanksgiving. They all know I think Ataturk is a faggot now, and I don't care if that makes them uncomfortable.

Did you know you can get send to rehab if you call Ataturk a faggot? I was explaining to my coworkers why many people feel Ataturk is a faggot, and why I might disagree that Ataturk is a faggot, and they accused me of being obsessed with whether Ataturk is a faggot. They said I should talk to a shrink about it, but I'm not paying $200 an hour to tell some nerd that Ataturk is a faggot. I can spread the word for free. I quit my job to spend more time with my blog, so I could properly respond to all of the people who attacked me for calling Ataturk a faggot (even though I stridently maintain that I never called Ataturk a faggot, that's just their wild imagination, and they're trying to take my scalp).

That's how hateful the anti-faggot faction is. You won't find hateful remarks on the pro-Ataturk was a faggot side of this debate, unless you dig through anonymous comments. Except for Michael Savage, who wanted Ataturk to die of AIDS because he's such a faggot.

What's really a shame, is that so many people think Scooter Libby was convicted for outing Ataturk as a faggot. Everyone knows it was Richard Armitage who first said Ataturk was a faggot, and that Ataturk wasn't even in the closet.

I agree with Ellen Goodman. People who deny that Ataturk was a faggot are like Holocaust deniers.

monkeyboy said...

You know, I think that I may also of heard that sea story about some other famous man in another foreign port, like a statue of Colombus in Spain. Mostly I heard it about Ataturk. I imagine that there is an Air Force equivalent, with all the time they spend in Incirlik.

Fiary Tales start "Once upon a time"
Sea Stories start "This is no sh*t"

Joe said...

Mind you this is the same bizarro country that convicted a politician for referring to a rebel leader with the title "Mr.":

(Why they would be allowed in the EU is beyond me.)

Daryl Herbert said...

Shamefully, YouTube caved and will ban videos calling Ataturk gay

Jihadi propaganda videos showing American troops being killed are still okay

Daryl Herbert said...

Ataturk is gay again on YouTube (NSFW)