March 28, 2007

"American Idol" results -- vlogged!


Badger 6 said...

Just showing how integrated the world is, I come to a law blog to find American Idol results while I am in Iraq.

Well time to go get breakfast and see if the gunfire I hear is insurgents attacking the IP station (again) or a range.

But what America really wants to know Prof. Althouse is what kind of wine were you drinking?

Ann Althouse said...

Take care, Badger 6. Thanks for fighting ... while I'm just drinking (cabernet) and watching an idle TV show.

Maxine Weiss said...

1. The windows have no curtains. They don't do drapes in the Midwest? You just know Althouse has a Peeping Tom spying on her. Althouse seems like a woman who'd attract that type of thing.

2. I've never seen anyone so animated while watching TV. At best, even the most avid TV viewer is usually glazed over in a complete stupor, or catatonic coma. I love this contrived over-enthusiasm, and for a Television program, you wonder, does this sort of plucky eagerness extend into other areas of Althouse's life?

3. The roots. Althouse's dark roots peeking through. This is actually a complement, no really! The hair is kind of a wheat color but very realistic with areas of artful darkness peeking through. That's very nice, because most young looking blondes have those darker undertones. Super super light, platinum, or white ---at the hairline looks very aging. The more (selective) darker undertones, the younger looking, and those darker roots also add contour, depth, and thickness to the hair, and face!

5. Looking down at TV. The TV should be placed on a stand so that you glance up at it, like God in the Heavens!

Peace, Maxine

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Althouse the exhibitionist. No dark roots! They're gray! I thought I saw a glint of the old red coming through, though.

I'd even say there was Jordin in the wine glass. Jordin in the wine glass. Jordin in the wine-glass...oh...You're so vain.

So? Did you like vlogging it? I felt like I was in your TV room.


Hey, Badger 6: Take care of Mookie, will ya? Be safe. Thanks for all you [and your men] do.

Ann Althouse said...

"So? Did you like vlogging it?"

Well, it was an experiment. Did you like it?

It involved some editing, though I screwed it up a bit! I don't quite understand iMovie, which I was using for the first time.

I should have moved the sofa so there would have been a full reflection in the mirror. Getting the reflection in the wine glass was key, in my view, artistically.

Donn said...

Let's face it....Ann is HOT and can do pretty much anything she wants!

As far as AI...I quit watching the week Sundance got voted off and Sanjaya stayed on the program...and every week that passes shows the wisdom of my decision!

By the way Ann, I work for an online wine auction site and if you want some advice on how to get great bargains on wine....let me know!

rumtumtugger said...

how great it must have been to get half drunk watching trash tv tonight. ..alas, i'm on the wagon and - worse - went out to see 'the lives of others', a remorseless, possibly misogynistic, teutonic gloomathon. yet at least i'm not in iraq. take care, badger 6.

Joan said...

Thank you! Now I don't have to fast-forward through it myself, and I can just delete it from the TiVO, sight unseen.

This vlog was perfect, IMO: spontaneous, fun, and SHORT!

I still freak out by how the camera makes your arms look when you reach towards it, though. I'm reminded of the description that Ann Rice wrote of her vampire protagonists, who could move so quickly it appeared as if their arms and legs were stretching. (Don't worry, I'm not saying you look like a vampire! The same thing happens to everyone on these things.)

rich said...

Hey, just curious. Believe it or not, I've never seen more than a commerical for AI. Never watched the show.

Why do people like it?

I'm not trying to set up a put down or spoil anyone's fun, just honestly curious.

Justin said...

We missed your reaction to the final result. What did you think?

I'm disappointed in both Chris Sligh and Sundance. During the initial auditions, they were two of the best by far. But when they got to Hollywood, they blew it. Sundance was a disaster from the second round. Chris kept it together for a while, but never lived up to his potential. Shame on them both.

al said...

Under the influence is probably the only way to watch AI...

Your vlog was far better than watching (or in my case hearing) the show. My wife and daughter had it on in the other room so I heard parts of it. Every time I turned up the sound on my computer to drown it out my wife turned up the tv.

4 minutes of Althouse is preferable to 22 minutes of AI.

Also - Donn is right.

P.S. Badger 6 - stay safe.

Laura Reynolds said...

I'm just curious if you watched the commercial they do with the contestants which can sometimes be fun. Otherwise I skip to the end. The whole process, "Sanjaya, you sang some piece of crap, the judges hated it, America voted, Sanjaya you're in the group that's not in the center stage" routine gets tiring quick.

Badger6, Thanks from me and my family, stay safe and keep coming by, we need some comments from those who really know what's going on.

clairedm said...

I like the vlogging and the AI coverage in general. Good fun.

And rumtumtugger, I loved "The Lives of Others." I did not find it gloomy, I actually found it kind of uplifting in a complex way, people reaching out to other people without ever exchanging words.

badger 6- Thank you and stay safe!

Joaquin said...

Hey Ann, that was very very kool!
Halfway through it I said to myself; I'm sitting here in my office watching Ann, at her house, giving me the recap of Idol. Wow!
Hang tough badger6.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Did you like it?

Yes. It was fun. I only wish it were simultaneous while I was watching. But that might be too much like a tele-conference.

vnjagvet said...

Badger 6:

You are in our prayers. It is amazing to see how modern technology is applied to the warfront.

Tapes home, and shortwave communications were the deal 40 years ago. Letters and Vmail in WWII with home made records.

UTube, the internet, email and blogs are a big improvement, believe me.

Maxine Weiss said...

rich: I've never watched AI either, and not even the commercials.

As a rule, I don't watch Fox Entertainment. Fox News--all the time, but none of their entertainment shows.

The appeal of AI is the interactive nature of it. ---It's all about the power of the public to decide. So many things are out of our control these days, so the one thing we can control.... you know, so much of TV is passive...AI changed all that, changed the rules. No longer did the machine--Big Media dictate to the public who we were supposed to like.....the Public now dictates to the Media..

The drawback is celebrity is now disposable and the 5-minutes of fame has turned into 5-seconds, and can be bought and paid for. All the illusive mystery of the grand stars of the 30s and 40s, Hollywood's Golden Age are gone. But that's a small price to pay, and besides we'll always have the real, grand stars of the 30s and 40s on celluloid and video.

BOTTOM LINE: AI gave the Public the power to play God---and that's irresistable, especially in these overcontrolled times, when we are constantly being "fed" bland, nepotism-loaded celebrities by the big Hollywood Machine. AI cancels all that out and give the power back to the people.

Got that, rich?

Peace, Maxine

PM said...

It was pure brilliance. Ann, you are my american idol. I only hope you can bear to keep it up as this, the undisputably most boring season ever of AI, drones on. The cabernet helps, no doubt, though I prefer to take my AI w/ chardonnay.

For the first season ever I have started skipping the results show and am feeling a little guilty about my waning loyalty - your vlog was the perfect compromise.

I do think a better view of the TV would help. Love the effusive commentary.

rich said...

Maxine. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.


blake said...

It was dreary but how could a movie about East Germany not be?

I figure it won the Oscar over Pan's Labyrinth because at some level the Academy was trying to warn us of the dangers of unchecked government surveilance or something.

American what-now?

Richie D said...

Ann: Why don't you vblog during the commercials of an interesting, dramatic TV show like "SIX DEGREES" or "STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP"?

Galvanized said...

You enjoy that glass of wine and some TV. And please keep in mind that most of us moderate conservatives are cool with that. Man, lefties...lighten uuuuup.

Galvanized said...

badger 6: From my family and me, thanks for your service. Stay safe. :)