February 1, 2007

You might be in Blogger hell if...

... you find yourself Googling -- and remember, Google is Blogger -- "Blogger sucks"... just for... for what, really? Some kind of expression of your frustration, and you see -- in .01 seconds! -- that there are about 1,670,000 hits for "blogger sucks"... and you feel... what? What do you feel? Not so alone anymore? Some sense of hope that Google will put your post about "Blogger sucks" on the first page of the "Blogger sucks" results, so that you can connect, via your Blogger/Google blog, with all the other people who are tormented by Blogger and somehow, absurdly, turn to Google for solace?


MadisonMan said...

that there are about 1,670,000 hits for blogger sucks.

I just did the search and got 1,940,000 hits! That's quite an increase in 3 minutes.

reader_iam said...

Ah. Now I see you've posted about this--obviously I couldn't get to your blog earlier to notice that.

Maxine Weiss said...

"My readers are abandoning me."
---Althouse, 02/01/07

Kirk Parker said...

With all the "excitement" about New Blogger, I thought I'd see if my biggest issue, as a commenter, was fixed: the banning of <blockquote> from comments.

Nope, no such luck. How numbskull is that???

Patrick Ishmael said...

I remember "upgrading" to the the New Blogger. It was a nightmare, and Blogger "tech support" was equally so especially if you had a custom template. Except for the addition of labels, we've gained nothing from the changeover. I feel your pain...

Kirby Olson said...

I can't figure out how to comment any longer.

Kirby Olson said...

Oh, this time I got through. Weird.

Eli Blake said...


This service is, like, FREE!!!

There is an old adage that you get what you pay for.

I expect that the people who complain about blogger are mostly the same kind of people (generally conservatives) who want something for nothing-- they rush to cut taxes but then they are the first ones in line to complain when police patrols get cut back, the school is a little slower about fixing a leak in the roof, or the city starts collecting trash once a week instead of twice a week.

As long as I'm paying nothing for the service, I appreciate whatever the folks at Google do to provide me with this FREE service and I don't complain about the glitches.

vbspurs said...

As long as I'm paying nothing for the service, I appreciate whatever the folks at Google do to provide me with this FREE service and I don't complain about the glitches.

Eli, you're right, and I used to think this way about Blogger, too. I still do, in a way.

But I've tried to post on Althouse most of the afternoon, just to have my comments swallowed up.

By all means, thanks Blogger for providing us with a service, but not providing professional service, even for free, is not good business practise.

That's the kind of mentality that allows Third World third-rateness to survive.

Don't complain! Pay more if you want better!

Well, no.

Anyway, I'm off for a while, to post later on Althouse.

If anyone is interested, on my small-traffic blog we're talking of the Top 10 Most Elegant Old Hollywood Men. :)


amba said...

Well, a big BLOOGLE to Goggler.

David said...

I switched from Blogger to Wordpress, which has a pretty good tool for importing Blogger posts (not new Blogger yet without installing a separate plugin, but I'm sure that will come soon).

I haven't looked back.

sonicfrog said...

Looks like I switched to Word Press just in the nick-of-time!

Ryan said...

For those considering a switch to WordPress or WordPress.com, we're working on an importer for new Blogger as we speak. Hopefully though, Blogger will sort out the problems so folks don't have to pack up and move.

David said...

Blogger, Free?

Google provides the means, we provide the content, thus the traffic - without which the "means" would be worthless.

Eli Blake said...


I had a comment expunged by the glitch earlier today, on Ann's board about the twenty-nine year old twelve year old. In fact, a line in it mentioned that a charter school is a private school, and sure enough some nitwit showed up and blamed it all on the 'public school.'

But I'm still not upset with blogger, because I think it's on the whole pretty darn good for a free service. I have a friend who just left blogger and started paying for his blog, so it's not like people don't have the option. But I don't like looking gift horses in the mouth, myself.

bakerman: Don't get too stuck on how important you are in the general scheme of the universe.

Adam said...

At least people read your blog. Blogger hell is screaming into the vacuum.

M. Simon said...

Uh, you know Google was down too, don't you?

I don't thtink what ever went wrong was just a blogger thing.

Besides I have a friend Classical Values on some other service and I just put up my posts there. When blogger comes back I just cross post.

Some times my friend's service is down (like most of the day today) and I do it in the other direction.

Worst comes to worst there are always text files.

I'm told there was a fiber optic cable break some where.