February 17, 2007

"You can do legal scholarship as performance art, like Ann."

Jack Balkin said that at the conference, making an impressive play for a spot in the banner... and winning it! He was talking about the different ways of doing law blogs:
"You can do legal scholarship as performance art, like Ann. I sometimes regard what she does as a kind of art. She's performing in a certain way. It's aesthetic and there's a certain high style to it."
(Here's Jack's blog.)


paul a'barge said...

I never considered your blog a "legal scholarship" blog. I always considered it eclectic and personal and interesting.

Wait. Who said that bit about performance art? Balkin. Oh right. Been to the guy's blog. Hated it. Hated ever one of the poseurs who post on it. Had to swallow mouthwash after reading it.

hdhouse said...

if any blog can be considered performance art in any way, shape or form, then the observer needs to get out to more concerts and performances.

i've seen all types of blogs, from the controlled to the "fill in the blanks" like this one is....

some blogs even just throw stuff up and see who responds and in what direction. imagine that as performance art.

are we to surmise that a blog is only as good as its reader/contributors? fancy that.

Pastor_Jeff said...


It's a great quote. I'd suggest trimming it down to "legal scholarship as performance art..." It's much more crisp that way.

Maxine Weiss said...

Uh, how about no banner?

Less is more.

Ann: A woman so insecure she needs other people to define her.

Peace, Maxine

somefeller said...

I like Jack Balkin, but I think he needs to take two Karen Finleys and call me in the morning.

Elliott said...

Jack Balkin isn't repulsed by Ann? It just amazes me how the odious person that Ann is on her blog (performance art?) certainly isn't the person that people see when they meet her in person. Of course, most of her right wing commentors like Paul are troglodytes.