February 3, 2007

Words that sound dirty but aren't.

My, this is a big internet topic!

Here's a list. I'm seeing some repeats from the inherently funny words discussion (e.g., succotash).

Here's an even longer list. "Obfuscate." Man, I say that in class all the time (when talking about the Supreme Court).

And here's a list of 94, with voting on which sounds dirtiest. #1: "ballcock."

Then there's the song (which I guess is actually NSFW):


PeterP said...

Blackadder the Second: Beer

Our hero, Edmund Blackadder is stuck with the dual task of hosting a dinner for his Puritan relatives who dine off raw turnip alone - but who also hold the family money - and a drunken revel the result of a heavy bet as to who is the greater boozer, Lord Melchett or Edmund.

[The booze-up begins:]

Edmund: Well, well, get stuck in, boys.

Partridge: `Stuck in'! Way-hey! Get it?

Monk: No...

Partridge: Well, it sounds a bit rude, doesn't it! 'Stuck in!'

[The boozers laugh, as there's a knock at the front door. It's Lord Melchett.]

Edmund: Er, sorry -- back in a tick.

Partridge: Way-hey! `Tick', eh, lads? Now; that sounds a bit rude, doesn't it...That sounds a bit
like `bum'.

[They rock with laughter as with all innuendos except the last.]

Melchett: Good evening, er...

Edmund: Lads, this is Lord Melchett.

Edmund: Er, give him a large one, will you?

Partridge: `Large one'! Way-hey! Get it?
Piddle: No...

Partridge: Yes you do! `Large one'! Sounds a bit rude!

Piddle: Oh yes! `Large one'!

Melchett: I notice you're not drinking, Blackadder...

Edmund: Oh, don't you worry about me, Melchers... I'm holding my own here.

Partridge: Way-hey! `Holding my own'! Now, that sounds incredibly rude!

Monk: Come on, lads -- let's give him a real drink!

Edmund: Well, fine...

Monk: Bums up!

Partridge: Way-hey! `Bums'! Sounds a bit like `bum', doesn't it?

[Greeted with total silence.]

Eventually both parties merge, all get stinking drunk - including the Queen who happened to drop by on the off-chance of some fun and the visiting Aunt and Uncle.

They are last seen in a heap on the floor with Edmund trying amidst the din to tell the story of the 'little goblin' [very rude word.]

Edmund: Right! Well, perhaps this time I might be allowed to continue, and perhaps finish,
with any luck...

[Suddenly, from under Queen's dress, Aunt emerges.]

Aunt: `Luck'? Hah hah hah! Way-hey! Get it?

[Everyone says, "No..."]

Aunt: Oh, come on! `Luck'! Sounds almost exactly like `f---'

...word overlaid with title music.

Bob said...

I should point out that the official Groundhog Day, in which the star of the show is Punxsatawney Phil the Groundhog, takes place at Gobbler's Knob.

AllenS said...


sonicfrog said...


I didn't get a chance to watch the video as I'm on my way out the door. Have to drive 348 miles from Fresno to San Diego for band rehearsal.

PS. I posted some cool new music on my blog.

sonicfrog said...

PPS. No, the music isn't mine, so it won't suck!

vbspurs said...

And then there are phrases which sound dirty:

"Hard of hearing"

"Moist towelettes"

"Lays Potato Chips"

Whew! Can someone turn up the a/c??


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