February 27, 2007

Who are you calling unserious?!

I laughed so hard I nearly had a nervous breakdown, watching this new Bloggingheads with Jonathan Chait and Jonah Goldberg, where, unbeknowst to Chait, his camera goes into crazy demo mode. It's especially hilarious when Jonah calls some policy "unserious," and Jonathan is all about oh it really is serious, while his head is going through absurd permutations, rotating on a cube, dividing up into multiple moving squares and reuniting. It was a screwup, but a truly glorious one.


XWL said...

This proves you are an Arch-Conservative!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!

Sure, point out when the lefty has a glitch, but if Jonah had a glitch you would have been sympathetic.

(I'm just beating all those sinistral crazies to the punch, surely they're crafting in their minds the proper outraged tone to convey in their angry comments here and elsewhere)

(and I'm feigning ignorance as to your past tete a tete with Jonah)

I guess the other tact to take with this would be, "You, a law professor, how can you focus on such trivium when Global Warming, Iraq and now the total and utter collapse of our economic system are all stories you should be focusing on . . ."

Mark the Pundit said...

I think Jonathan Chait just got sucked into the Althouse Vortex...

PeterP said...

I thought all TV looked like that.

Well in fact it does when I watch it.

Note to self - rewind the life clock and don't take all that acid.

Bleepless said...

More evidence, if such still be needed, that God hates pinkos.