February 3, 2007

What kind of commenter are you?

Dr. Helen, noting a comments thread over here, speculates about the types of commenters. She identifies four types, two positive and two negative. The positive types are the sympathizers and the problem-solvers, and the negative types are the passive aggressives and the openly aggressive.


Robert said...

This post sucks!

(Well, I guess I know what kind of commenter I am now.)

SippicanCottage said...
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paulfrommpls said...

Does she have anything to say about the "correct" and the "incorrect?"

Maxine Weiss said...

Commenting on other commenters comments.

Isn't that a little like watching each other watch watch ourselves?

---Like what you did at the elections!

P.S. Dr. Helen has a very "ethnic" look.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Just making an observation.

Meade said...

I'm the AlternaSippican kind of commenter: I'm secretly a negative active pacifist. I'm callously easygoing. I'm Type O. I'm unsure about why or even if I typed this.

I'm the regular guy, safe and dry in fly over country.

Ron said...

Why don't we Commenters of Althouse (COA'ers) form a blog about the comments we leave on Althouse? Only Althouse could comment there...

Palladian said...

"What kind of commenter are you?"

I'm the best kind.

Daryl Herbert said...

But there are other types of commenters who had nothing to say on that particular thread and so avoided it.

For instance, I'm extremely aggressive and hostile, but not towards Ann or Blogger. I had nothing to say there, so I skipped it.

For people who hate Ann, every post on her blog is an opportunity to attack her.

vbspurs said...

The positive types are the sympathizers and the problem-solvers, and the negative types are the passive aggressives and the openly aggressive.

I think Dr. Helene Smythe is just being cynical towards you, Ann, but I think you are bearing up with real Christian fortitude in your replies.

If you want, there is a movie I can suggest to soothe you about this -- I think you'll really like it. :)))

Fine, don't take my advice!!! Cow!!


Charlie Eklund said...

Like Ringo, I'm not a mod or a rocker.

I'm a mocker.

Ann Althouse said...

Victoria: You're being odd! What are you saying?

vbspurs said...

Victoria: You're being odd! What are you saying?

LOL, Ann.

It was a joke. I was being all 4 kinds of commenters at the same time.

This time, on purpose. ;)


Ruth Anne Adams said...

She omitted the punsters and the quippers. [Win one for the quipper.]

Ron said...

What about us saucy bastards? What category are we in? Are in Ruth Anne's Quippers and Punsters Guild? Fine by me!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Ron: You saucy b! You can be in, but only if you mind your Ps and Qs.

vbspurs said...

[Win one for the quipper.]


I think it's bedtime for Althouse.


vbspurs said...

Oh, what the hell, man.

No, I didn't change my name to something alluring and foreign like "Victoriafwbegk".

It's just that Blogger has yet another quirk, of loading the comments page slowly, so that you're typing away the verification, but suddenly the cursor is on your post, not on the verification window.



Bissage said...

To build on RAA's point, despite his many faults, Qu**o wasn't all bad.

I don't know that I've ever completely disliked someone who is genuinely funny. For example, I've had co-workers who I thought were complete and total jerks (even low-grade racists) who I nevertheless ended up liking simply because they were funny.

Anyway, Qu**o once described a class of commenter at Althouse as ”random spew.”

That was funny.

And I’ll repeat here what I said there: “I am a proud, card-carrying member of the random spew.”

Bissage said...

By the way, whatever happened to Knoxgirl? She was great. And Johnny Nucleo? So was he.


vbspurs said...

Yeah, where is Knoxgirl? She WAS great (and hopefully, still is somewhere).

Don't recall Johnny Nucleo, but I do Paul from York. He was great too.


Theo Boehm said...

Victoria: By all means, go to Johnny Nucleo's site.

I certainly hope he hasn't crashed his spaceship, The Babemagnet, or that nothing bad's happened to him or his girlfriend, Trixie Electra.

Johnny, if you can receive this wherever you may be in the galaxy, please send us a message.  Some people are attempting humor (Victoria and Peter: "humour") on Althouse, and, well, they just aren't you.  When will you be back?