February 2, 2007

Two painful TV shows on Bravo.

1. The "Top Chef" finale. The decision was so wrong that I snapped the TiVo off at the point where they announced the winner. I watched the whole damned season, then refused to watch the last few minutes. [ADDED, with spoiler: You know Ilan -- the season winner -- is the guy who made a chocolate covered chicken liver.]

2. "Top Design." Come on, Todd Oldham doesn't have what it takes to host. He was in TV zombie mode. And you let the designers spend $50,000 on their rooms and they don't even -- as they say on "Project Runway" -- look expensive. You've got them designing for a secret celebrity, but when it's time to reveal who it is, it's someone we've never heard of -- Alexis Arquette.

Here's a simple rule: If you want to watch a Bravo TV reality show, make sure it has Tim Gunn.


David said...

top design = top snore. Very boring.

As for top chef - what was your problem with it? I thought it was fine.

tiggeril said...


Tim Gunn may be leaving Project Runway!

Ok, he's getting his own show, but it's not the same.

Pressing the button to turn off a show when it goes to crap isn't as satisfying as actually snapping the dial, is it? It's one of the few times I miss the old-fashioned TVs.

Then I watch a program in HD and get over it.

tiggeril said...

Son of a...


There we go.

Beth said...

Yeah, Top Chef upset me. Ilan showed himself capable of turning out a great meal, right off the menu where's he line-cooked for years. Ho hum. But he's soulful, and mature? When he's not instigating trouble like a 10-year-old at recess.

Irene Done said...

I don't understand the choice of Todd Oldham -- it's like every few years some network has to trot him out in an attempt to re-capture MTV/House of Style glory and it never works. He's never watchable.

Tim Gunn was just named the new Creative Director of all the Liz Claiborne brands. I got kinda excited when I heard that -- these are brands that sell to non-runway-skinny women. I can't wait to see what influence he'll have. Also: I watched Ugly Betty last night just to see Gunn. I loved him and I loved the show.

Bo Steed said...

Almost as disturbing as the result in Top Chef was the basic inability to articulate simple thoughts. I have no idea why the little weenie guy lost, but sense that it had nothing to do with the chow.

rhodeymark1 said...

Simple - the "weenie guy" lost because a Top Chef has to be able to run a kitchen, something they explicitly said Ilan is more adept at for the present. Tom was pretty clear when he stated that 5 years on, the skill and fame may well rest with the runner-up. Having said that, the fact that Sam saved his bacon with the impromptu hearts of palm dish shows that he was a more worthy finalist. Molecular gastronomy is for dweebs who play with their food. I'll take Mia's Sunday dinner any day.