February 6, 2007

"Today, she is a voluptuous woman with a brown pixie..."

Writes Robin Givhan in a fashion article, where, the assumption is, you understand the terminology. If not, perhaps you'd get the absurd image of the voluptuous woman accompanied by one of these:

It's funny, though. If you read about a woman -- voluptuous or no -- a woman with a pageboy, you never picture her hanging about with someone like this:


Bissage said...
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Bissage said...

Apparently, brown pixies are not so cute as green pixies. Who knew?

MadisonMan said...

What fashion needs is a lesson in how to boo.


My own personal theory is that it's very hard to design consistently good-looking clothes for women (or men) who aren't build like a hangar -- all shoulders and nothing beneath it. Get the drape right if there's an unexpected bodily protuberance? Not so easy. So why not do the easy thing and design for waifs?

The designer who has the talent to drape clothes on any frame makes gazillions of dollars.

Joan said...

[...] Alexandre Herchcovitch sent a group of dresses and tops down his runway at Bryant Park that looked like they had been constructed from black plastic garbage bags. No one laughed. No one's mouth curled into a sneer of dismissal.


Michael E. Lopez said...

That pixie looks like a Tony DiTerlizzi drawing -- he's a guy who used to do a lot of illustrating for AD&D back in the day.

Bob said...

Where's the voluptuous woman?

vbspurs said...

Where's the voluptuous woman?

The first pic! The pixie is as voluptuous as curvy Nicole Ritchie.

(Good links, Bissage, thanks. Pixane, eh?)


Bissage said...

Victoria, she was my first crush.