February 24, 2007

Thermal image: Althouse at Stella's.

Althouse at Stella's

ADDED: A description of Stella's (which I'm reading the next day):
The coffee house ... was opened in the early 1990s. It had an old European feel to it and quickly became the home to brooding writers, cynics, Marxist revivalists, and all other manner of people looking for a dark and smokey place in which to waste away the hours of their lives.

Yes, it's an unusually dark café. When I walked in, I said "Oh, it's the beatnik kind."


Bob said...

Watch out, Ann. William Shatner will call you, you know he goes for the blue girls.

Bissage said...

It's funny what Bob said because my first impression (after seeing the photo) was to misread the label "off-blog" as "blast-off."


Ah no, . . ., THERMAL!

AJD said...

Thermal, eh?

Hmmm. No warmth coming off you! I guess it works.

vbspurs said...

Ohhh, no no no, Ann, no.

That pic makes you look like the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark, during her unfortunate Kabuki make-up period.

However, those lights are mesmerising.

They remind one of that recent photo of the spiders 8 eyes, under ultra-violet light.

I would do linkage, but I don't want to horn in on Ruth Anne's province.


Meade said...

You've got something right... there. No, over. Little bit more. There.

Now... why so blue?

John Burgess said...

That new airport screening device really is detailed!

Goatwhacker said...

I'm Blue

Albatross said...



vbspurs said...

Speaking of IMDB...

Ann, guys, with GREAT regret, I am almost 100% sure I won't be doing my Oscars commentary spiel this Sunday.

I loved the banter we had, with Blogger delays and all, during the Golden Globes.

But sadly, I have a previous commitment with my folks on Sunday.

I will be TiVo'ing though, so I'll pitch in later...


Karl said...

AMY: There's a place I go now, the cutest little place near my apartment in Greenwich Village. It's called Ann's 440. It's a beatnik bar.

NORVILLE: You don't say.

AMY: Yes, you can get carrot juice or Italian coffee, and the people there -- well, none of them quite fit in. You'd love it --

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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vbspurs said...

Victoria: I am not the only one allowed to provide historical linkage.

I shall be your general dogsbody then!

A prod, a nod, a foot shod in the right direction.


Hattie said...

Christ! Beatnik bars! What an affront to those of us who were there.
You are all a bunch of phonies.