February 17, 2007

NYC morning.

Yesterday was the "Writing About the Law" conference and the first deadline for the NYT column, and now, it's Saturday in New York. Time for a little blogging. I've got my tiny tray from room service, a small carafe of coffee and an orange juice, for which I signed the bill for $18 without joy or regret. I want to be in my room, I need coffee, and that's what it costs. I'll do some NY things today, and at 5 I'm doing the meet-up with readers of this blog. (Email me if you want to be included.)

I still have some notes from the conference which I'm going to use in a few posts. You'll have to wait! (Unbloggy, I know.) I'll do a pretty substantial post on the lunch talk from John Jay Osborn (the author of "The Paper Chase"). For now -- because I want to get to the morning news -- let me post some photos from the dinner the night before the conference. We were in a cool basement room at the City Hall Restaurant... honoring Jethro K. Lieberman's book "The Litigious Society":


At my table, the glamorous and charming Nadine Strossen (of ACLU fame):


Also at the table, two very nice New York Law School students, John Indeck (left) and George Esposito (right):


I expect big things of these guys.


AllenS said...

"I expect big things of these guys."

I'll bet you do.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I misread "The Litigious Society" to be something like "The Federalist Society." You know, like-minded souls that gather for fun and fellowship and pointers on suits.

downtownlad said...

George is a hottie.

downtownlad said...

I have plans this evening, but say hi to the other Althouse fans for me! :)

Palladian said...

Yikes, those boyz is hot!

Bob said...

Did you ask them to prove to you that they're not racists?

(That's just a joke, Ann.)

vbspurs said...

I like John better.

He looks like a young Prince Andrew, before he got fat and stayed arrogant.

And anyway, I never thought pinstripes on grey looked well.

Still, this is very much the case of arguing which Grecian god is the finer of the two -- Apollo or Narcissus.


vnjagvet said...

I am not a fan of her politics, but Nadine has excellent taste in cocktails, it appears.

My first and still favorite drink, the very dry martini with olives straight up (in the classic triangular glass).


boringmadedull said...

Of course we should expect big things from these guys.

For one thing, they are dressed like adults.

That alone gives them a leg up on 98% of the men their age.

As Jeeves would say, "there is no time at which ties do not matter".