February 1, 2007

New Blogger is driving me crazy!

Oh, how I wish I hadn't switched to New Blogger! I'm over the problem that the switch itself took three hours, though I'm still irked that there was no warning that it would take such a long time, which would have tipped me off to do it late at night instead of in the middle of the day. And I actually like some of the new features: I get to skip the word verification stage in the comments, I can use labels creatively, publishing is quicker. Maybe there are a couple other things. But the feed doesn't work anymore.

The feed on my tiny other blog kept working normally, and the feed on individual comments (a new feature) is working, but the feed for new posts on this blog has not worked since I switched. What makes it all the more irksome is that it's become impossible to find a way to email anyone at Blogger for help. I can find the recommendation that one participate in the Blogger Help Group, and in fact, I did post a question over there. But after one unhelpful suggestion, it's off the front page, swamped by repetitive posts that all seem to say "I can't find my blog." I can see from my Site Meter that I've lost a lot of traffic over this. I've also wasted a lot of time. Having no way to contact anyone at Blogger is the most frustrating part of it.

If you're going to bring in something important and new, you ought to wow people with it, not make them wallow in regret that you've deprived them of the old. I have defended Blogger for years when people have told me over and over to quit. Ironically, the main reason I've stayed is that I'm assume that anything new will come with its own set of problems.

UPDATE: The feed was restored at around 3 pm today.


M. Simon said...

Uh, I was forced switched to "New Blogger" the other day.

The whole change over took a couple of hours to fix things the way I wanted.

To contact blogger help:


Blogger help

See my post Forced Migration

M. Simon said...

Contact me at:


If you want some more personalized help.

Kirby Olson said...

I have a lot of trouble posting because I am never certain that I am properly clued in now.

I have the same problem on all the blogs.

Someone should be horsewhipped, but I am reasonably certain it's not you or me. The thing just doesn't work, and is awful

Susan Duclos said...

I switched to new blogger over a month ago...I tweaked scripts and have trackbacks, my feed works and pretty much have everything fixed up, including digg and de.li.cious.

If you have any questions or I can be of any help, email me at wakeupamerica.spree@gmail.com and I will happily help.