February 18, 2007

"Like other debt bloggers, Tricia believes the exposure gives her the discipline to reduce her debt."

She said she never discussed her debt with family or friends. “You don’t want them to know,” she said. “Our parents hope for the best for us, and it’s hard to let them know we’re struggling. And with friends, you don’t want them to think less of you. And when you go out with friends you don’t want to say, ‘Oh, I can’t do that, I don’t have the money.’ ”

Keeping the blog, she said, has made her conscious of her spending. Though most of her readers are strangers, she worries about letting them down.

“I know that if I use my credit card, I’ll have to go on there and say I used it. I’ll have to fess up. I’ve been wanting one of those L.C.D. TVs for quite a while now, but every time I see them, I think about having to come on the blog and say I bought it. Because we don’t need it, we have a TV, but it’s still a temptation that’s there. And I’m sure if I wasn’t blogging we’d already have it.”
Harnessing the power of the blog, telling the world what you can't tell your friends, changing your life, showing people a way to live... I approve!


AJ Lynch said...

Ann said:

"Harnessing the power of the blog, telling the world what you can't tell your friends, changing your life, showing people a way to live... I approve!"

Hell you invented it!


mrsizer said...

Blogging about it seems like a good start, but this poor woman needs to ditch her "friends" and find some new ones.

If you cannot tell your friends that you are short on cash and cannot go out this weekend, who can you tell? Oh, yeah, strangers. Some friends she has when strangers are more considerate.

Full disclosure: I ran up a lot of credit card debt several years ago. I'm purposefully house-poor (I'm a bad saver so I have a very large mortgage to force me to save - not the best rate-of-return, but it beats zero). I tell my friends that I cannot go out all the time. The credit card debt should finally be retired sometime this summer! Yippee! (btw: Discover SUCKS - very high fees, minimum payments barely cover the finance charges, very high interest rate (21%). Digging out of only $6,000 in debt has taken years - but I signed the contract so I guess I'm the stupid one.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Publius said...

Does blogging about spending $300 on scarves mean you are debt-blogging too?

Jennifer said...

I don't think it's a matter of "the poor woman's friends" being inconsiderate. I think she's embarrassed about being short on cash, and doesn't like to announce it.

Good for all of them for rectifying their problems and using their blogs to do it.