February 9, 2007

"Just a moment's pleasure."

UPDATE: YouTube has deleted this video, which was Bryan Ferry singing the song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" (The song was written by Carole King and made popular in the early 60s by the great "girl group" The Shirelles.) In the Ferry video, Anna Nicole Smith appears.


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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David said...

"But will you still love me tomorrow?"

Depends on what your definition of love is!

I'll check with my lawyer and get back to you!

Much later...text message on Blackberry..."No! It was just a moment's pleasure. You may have your people call my people. Peace!"

Meade said...

I'll bet the diva alternately known as Althouse meant to post this.

Ann Althouse said...

Meade: Is there a difference? I tried to pick the one with the clearest picture.

vbspurs said...

Never heard Bryan Ferry before (I know, I'm sheltered), but man is that ANS? 1992, so just after she was signed by Guess, I guess.

From wife of the fry-cook at the local chicken joint, sometime Red Lobster waitress and Walmart checkout girl, to Playboy centrefold, model, and actress, and pleading a case before the Supreme Court, wow man.

Only in America.


Telecomedian said...

Amazing how lovely she was, before the drugs and the plastic surgeries and all the drama.

Nice link, and for such a fan of Roxy Music, I can't believe I never heard this version of the song before. Thanks, Ann!

OctaneBoy said...

Thanks for linking the Brian Ferry video, Ann. I hadn't seen it before.

Seeing ANS in the video made me realize what a paradox she was for me. She was capable of creating such an iconic image and vision; a magical sight in the right setting yet, in the same person (on her reality series), she could be the human equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard.

I don't feel like I'll ever know what was real, what was an act, what was the meds, or how I'll think of her years from now.

What a sad, weird tale.

Laura Reynolds said...

An earlier version, but not unrelated


Meade said...

Ann Althouse said...
Meade: Is there a difference? I tried to pick the one with the clearest picture.

Oh. I must have offended the YouTube gods as I'm not getting any video from them at all... only audio. Hey pretty good job, for a blind guy, of figuring out what you posted, huh?

Roger Sweeny said...

Well, what do you know. In the Shirelles vidoe referenced by stever,
, as they sing "or just a moment's pleasure?" we see film of Marilyn Monroe.

Laura Reynolds said...

eerie don't you think?

Love love love the song

John Stodder said...

As gross she became later in her life, during this period (I'm thinking the video is from about 1991?), she was an amazing model. Her Guess Jeans print ads are classic. I can't find them on the Internet -- only her glamour shots are accessible -- but it was her sort of All-American farm girl pictures that were the most unforgettable.

They almost perfectly embody pop culture in America in the 1990s: A dream world of baby-boomer nostalgia...a yearning for the pre-1960s pleasures classic American landscapes and innocent yet abundant sexuality. Back when those ads ran, I think everybody wanted to live in that world. Even Bill Clinton chased that dream with a similar icon of those times, Monica Lewinsky. Same childlike face, voluptuous figure, same innocent vibe.

And the same big mess when the dream fades into the ethers.

Ann Althouse said...

Yes, I was looking for those old Guess ads. They were fabulous. She brought a voluptuous new beauty to jeands advertising, for a company that had been using the more austerely (yet equally sweetly) beautiful Claudia Shieffer.

dougjnn said...

Oh come on.

She's a gorgeous but apparently rather dim gold digger to the max. Or she was gorgeous when in her early twenties but soon after achieving her gold digger goal she became a bloated, blousy, idiotic sex for money pure and simple and proud of it exemplar.

Yeah the senile coot who's money was earned long, long ago she managed to marry, obviously entirely for reasons far removed from romantic love, might be worse, but that's the standard of elevating her to some pantheon of admiration?

Maybe he was a bit more impressive while still in possession of most of his brain cells? I don't know, but do know that her method of upward mobility and the American Dream does not fill me with inspiration.

A certain amount of early slutty rule breaking in beautiful sexy women may be exciting, but Anna Nicole seems to me to have proved herself a thorough going basely manipulative slatern through and through. If your politics are to strip all Texas (or perhaps more generally all American male) plutocrats by any means available, then she may be some sort of paragon, but otherwise I rather fail to see it.


shake-and-bake said...

Someone has made youtube delete the video. the woman is gone, now it is all about the money.