February 24, 2007

"Giant rats roam free!"

A PR nightmare for Taco Bell.

I love the person-on-the-street interviews: "I won't eat here again." Good call!


Jennifer said...

It is unusual to see such a popular fast food restaurant overrun with rodents.


The only time I have ever seen a rat in person was in DC. Walking from the Mall back to the Metro station at night, there were rats all over the sidewalk!

LoafingOaf said...

I recently saw a cute lil mouse walk right in the front door of my grocery. I think that was an isolated incident though -- I hope!

I don't know why anyone ate at Taco Bell in the first place since the food is so bad, but if the E Coli sicknesses didn't get 'em off the habit hopefully this will. Most Taco Bells look dirty.

AllenS said...

"Think Outside the Bun"

will now be replaced with:

"All the Rodents Are Dead"

Ron said...

As they were NYC rats, I think they were just showing up for the audition for the next Taco Bell ad, figuring if that old skinny chihuahua can get some work...

So it went like most auditions go when the media shows up and they just don't understand!

Mark the Pundit said...

Well, a few months ago there was an E-coli outbreak at Taco Bell in four states.

What a way to follow up on that PR nightmare!

Bissage said...


There's m*th*rf*ck*ng rats in that store!

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Bissage said...

RAA, now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve kindled an ancient memory and that calls for a quick story.

The first time I ever heard the word “ratatouille” was when I conned my way into a waitering gig at this fancy French steak house kind of restaurant. (Where I was sexually harrassed by another man – apparently I had nice buns that were calling out for a solid goosing -- but that’s another story.)

One morning, cleaners came in to degrease the kitchen floor and they poured some kind of acid that found its way to a nest sending thousands of giant cockroaches racing to the furthest reaches of the dining room. These babies were still out and about when lunch was being served hours later. One of the waiters snatched a cockroach off of a table using an empty wine glass. The patrons were sitting right there at the time. They walked out. Yuck!

By the way. There was a plastic milk crate on the floor in the kitchen at the front of the line into which the busboys would discard used napkins for the laundry. If the waiters needed to wipe a plate before serving it they’d grab one of those napkins, some of which stayed on top of the pile and got used numerous times. Yuck!

This is why, whenever one dines out, one should always drink.

Cedarford said...

It wasn't just the numbers, it was watching the rats prancing. They were having fun!!

"We escaped from the meat locker! No fate as Chaliputa taco filling meat! We're free!"

As opposed to the TB executives who were likely going "Oh-My-God!!", as they realized this viral video was going to get more airing than their last 3 years of advertising budget, and negate a pile of it.

I can't think of another fast food chain than Taco Bell, besides Jack in the Box, that has had so many food hygiene scandals.

Theo Boehm said...
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Edgehopper said...

Gah! That's the one by NYU Law School! I've eaten there multiple times before! [cringe]

vbspurs said...

Taco Bell went downhill FAST after they sacked Ginger, the chihuahua.

They need to hire my Schmoopsie, to get their mojo back.

Although come to think of it, he looks rattish.


Ron said...

Ahhh! Victoria, please don't let Schmoopsie be a Neo-Socialist Chalupa-shilling tool! The last chihuahua was used like Che! Would you want that? Would you let Schmoopsie Fidel while Rome burned?

When the last Taco Bell is shut down, it will be by a ratty chalupa they just sold us!

SippicanCottage said...
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