February 18, 2007





Ruth Anne Adams said...
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vbspurs said...

Does anyone else see Ruth Anne as Hervé Villachaise yelling:

"The plane! Boss! The plane!"

Okay, just me then.


vbspurs said...

Ann, cool juxtapositioning, but your other pic is equally interesting.

Something about that woman's legs splayed open like that, in black, looks phallic next to the slate smoothness of that Henry Moore vaginal thingie in the background.

A bit like a Glenn / Dr. Helen podcast.

P.S.: Check this out, speaking of juxtapositionings.


Ann Althouse said...

Ruth Anne: "Don't you have a plane to catch? A big jet-fuel-guzzling-carbon-footprint-leaving airplane?"

How do you know I'm not at the airport. Those pictures were taken yesterday, but in fact, I was still at the hotel when I blogged that. I checked out at noon and took a cab to a different museum, the Met, where I checked my small bag roamed around for a couple hours and ate lunch. Then I caught a cab to the airport, where I await todays one nonstop flight to Madison.

Victoria: You looked ahead. I'm going to blog that soon.

Mortimer Brezny said...

This is an imperfect juxtaposition because the dude is not inexplicably grabbing his crotch.