February 10, 2007

"Anna came to our company as a customer, but she departs..."

"... it as a friend."

TrimSpa is pretty well screwed, isn't it? Look how they've transformed their website into a memorial for their dead spokesmodel. Think that could make us love them?


David said...

If Anna departed TrimSpa as a friend, it begs the question regardomg their definition of 'friend!'

Friends get involved with the whole person and not, in this case, just the physical. Nicole's aberrant behavior was known to all who followed her career. It appears that TrimSpa and most of ANS's entourage were more interested in her as a short-term business opportunity. They ignored her self-destructive behavior and allowed her to amortize herself off at the end of her 'useful' life.

Friends don't let friends live (die) like this. Was there nobody who could take the keys away from her to prevent the inevitable wreck? Apparently they learned nothing from the Michael Jackson debacle where not one person told Michael Jackson that his behavior was innappropriate and probably illegal.

Friends don't let friends self-destruct and certainly don't provide an audience to the fatal fall.

Irene Done said...

Yeah, they're screwed. The class-action lawsuit doesn't help either.

But you have to admit: that memorial page is well done. I don't know if it makes me love them, but it is, for TrimSpa, understated and tasteful.

vbspurs said...

Speaking of exploitative advertising...

...anyone click on that "Fast Lane Flame Out" ad (which makes her sounds vaguely like a Big Whopper in the Burger King drive-thru), to the top of Ann's sidebar?

I wonder if it's a gossip site, or what (I'm not clicking).


chuck b. said...

I had dinner with all the lawyers I know tonight and they all think the lawyer did it too!

paul a'barge said...

Friends don't let friends self-destruct

Did you just arrive on the planet yesterday?

Dude, you have like zero power to stop someone who is hell-bent on self-destruction from completing the task.

You must really be desperate for someone to judge if you're running around, making up fairy tales like this.

Get a life.