February 14, 2007

"American Idol" -- the 24.

I'm glad Melissa Doolittle and Brendan Rogers -- the erstwhile backup singers -- made it. I'm glad Chris Sligh -- the guy who lookes like Turtle Mark Volman -- made it. Paul Kim -- the Asian guy who was irritated that when people think of an Asian guy on "American Idol," they always think of the comic contestant William Hung -- he made it. Well, 24 contestants made it. I can't tell you about all of them. My brain is numb after sitting through a pretty boring show where we watched a lot of people get into an elevator, ride in the elevator, get out of the elevator, walk a long way across the room, sit in a little chair, listen to Paula/Randy/Simon coyly dribble out the news whether they made it or not, walk back the long way across the room, get back in the elevator, ride down the elevator, get out of the elevator, etc. etc.


Jimmac said...

How did Sundance get through? I guess the judges like it when someone singing off pitch makes up for it by increasing the volume to a nice scream.

SteveR said...

I would have normally preferred more singing than elevator riding but the singing I did hear wasn't that good. Screeching, mariah warbling, pop music even from guys

Jennifer said...

Is Chris Sligh the guy who wants to make Hoff cry? I have high hopes for him.

Cedarford said...

I was glad Paul Kim got through. After the William Hung experience, many Asians cringed, and bemoaned their poor showing as singers. They felt a bit like blacks did watching Joe Frazier nearly drown in a "Superstars" pool competition then watching a succession of black African Olympic swimmers nearly die trying to do laps.

Funny because there are some very good Asian singers over in Japan, the Philippines, and Korea that don't rise to American's attention because they sing to a diffeent market.

Of course there is some truth in racial differences for ability in various events. White girls can't match the decibles of loud, big black girls. Most black meso and ectomorphs sink like rocks vs swim. If there is any Asian more pathetic than an Asian nerd doing Karaoke, other than Japanese tourists at a Dude Ranch, I'd like to know.

That is why we all hope for "Our People's" Redeemer in something "our kind" has struggled in.

Paul Kim, renewing Asian singing honor!
That white dude that smoked all the black runners in the 400M is Athens!
Taki Kobeyashi destroying rival hot dog eaters.
Ron Jeremy, for his monster ______.
Barack Obama speaking .....no, I can't say the word!

LoafingOaf said...

Yeah, I was bored by this week on American Idol and didn't pay close attention.

And I was a surprised and disappointed we didn't get to see the opera singer girl from New York who sang Jeff Buckley. She had some buzz going and then was editted out completely. *scratches head*

Whatever her name was, I liked her style, and believed her when she boasted she could sing anything. Maybe she could but didn't fit the casting.

The guy who looks like Ozzy Osborne's son will go far. Although I said that about the Canadian, Jory Steinberg, and she bit the dust.

One of my faves from the first round was the shy and sweet Indian-American who auditioned with his sister and sang Stevie Wonder. He will probably go far, too.

I don't recall either of their names, but I'm sure we'll be hearing too much about them in a few weeks.

Ah, I googled the opera singer girl.

And she tells us on her MySpace:

About Rachel Zevita

Thanks to everyone who watched me on American Idol... for making my video NUMBER ONE ON YOUTUBE for 2 days in a row! Before it was taken down it was viewed over 30,000 times...This is just amazing!!!

I rock, I soul, I love new york, and listen to classical music. what else?

I'm sorry i don't have more songs up, as copyright clearances go through, you will hear way more music on here...This is only the beginning, you ain't seen nothing yet!

God bless you all!

~Rachel Zevita

Judging by the albums she lists as her influences, she has - unlike most Idol contestants - some nice diversity in her taste. Could've been interesting. Did they not want that?

Jennifer said...

LoafingOaf - I loved her voice! But, I just wanted to boot her off the screen. Her personality was grating! Regardless of her talent, I don't think she would have gone far in this competition.

rightwingprof said...

It takes us about fifteen minutes to watch one episode. We don't care about their personal lives, their sob stories, their mommies, and don't want to hear anything coming out of their mouths but singing. And we never want to hear Ryan Seacrest utter a syllable. Cut it down to the actually singing, and it's about fifteen minutes -- on a good night -- and the rest of the hour is drivel.

If I wanted sobbing and "feelings" and hand-wringing, I'd read Ellen Goodman.

Fen said...

I stopped watching after it became obvious that the follies were staged. Either actors or peeps deliberately trying out for "most idiotic" performer.

Watching "Top Designer" now. Margaret Russel is a hottie :)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I look forward to Act III and some really fun Ford commercials using the top 12 singers.

Dawn said...

Did anyone else think that putting the final two men and women in front of the panel to be a bit much? I was cringing when they told the Jersey girl that she was through to the finals, and the other woman just broke down and was inconsolable; I felt she was the better of the two, but what do I know?

And was it just me, or was Sundance waaay off-key in his Hollywood performances?

But that Sanjaya kid - what a cutie!

SteveR said...

Dawn, they've done that before and of course bring two viable candidates in to make the tension more realistic. You're not alone in thinking thet got the wrong female.

LoafingOaf said...

Dawn: I was cringing when they told the Jersey girl that she was through to the finals, and the other woman just broke down and was inconsolable....

That was a good part! IT made me laugh because the girl who made it through...you can tell by her face that all she wanted to do was smile and celebrate, but she felt like she had to hold back her joy and confort the girl who was crying.