February 4, 2007


That was the low temperature overnight here in Madison. It's -12° now, and we're expecting it to get up to -1. And I'm not talking about your candyass "wind chill" enhancements of the hardcore facts. That's the temperature.


An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Of course, since weather doesn't make up climate, this is not evidence of the falsity of global warming, just as the 4 feet of unseasonable snow Denver had in December was PROOF of the validity of global warming.

I have seen worse temps. I remember one winter day in Grand Forks, North Dakota when we had a mean temp of -40 & an estimated windchill of -80. I would consider -14 an improvement, so I am all for a little global warming!

Meade said...


If I were an articulate MadisonSquirrel living in your oak tree as a sort of performance art, I wouldn't break into your nice warm house.

But if I did break into your nice warm house, here's how I'd do it...

al said...

It's a blazing -6 here. Supposed to get up to +5. Great day for football - watching on my HD TV in front of a roaring fire.

AllenS said...

From AllenS's humble abode in west central WI, it's -19. Up from -20 when I awoke. Dress accordingly. When I went to the barn this morning, I forgot the scarf for the chin area. By the time I returned from the mailbox, my chiny-chin-chin was very cold.

I've got both the gas furnace going and the corn burning stove. It's a toasty 65 in the house.

Peter Palladas said...

Great day for football.

...Bears or Colts? Please advise.

Presumably the weather is more ursine than equine.

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, my next post is about the bears.

Doug said...

Damn, I guess I should feel lucky that I am in relative warmth in Detroit, where the temp is a bit more balmy at 0 degrees.

peter hoh said...

Fun thing to do when it's this cold: Take a pair of jeans that have just been washed (but not dried) and poke your arm through the legs to open them up.

Arrange them so they hang as if worn by an invisible person. Now take them outside. Within minutes (or seconds) they'll be stiff enough to stand on their own. You'll have a little time when the pants are still moldable.

And if you're really good at this sort of thing, you can get a shirt to freeze in such a way that it can rest on top of the pants, completing the frozen "invisible person" illusion.

If you really want to do the shirt, it helps to use an inflated plastic bag to hold the shirt open while it freezes.

al said...

Bears or Colts? Please advise.

See below

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, my next post is about the bears.

But not Da Bears

GPE said...

Darn right tropical in Denver at the moment: 25°F. Did our sub-zero temperatures last week. All that snow "An Edjamikated Redneck" mentions IS evidence of global warming. After all, it IS a blanket of snow and a rather thick one at that.

What to like about sub-zero temperatures: It keeps the riffraff out.

rightwingprof said...

That's what it's like up by Lake Erie. We're far enough from the lake that we don't get lake effects. It's 10 degrees here and it's supposed to get up to 15, except that it's almost 1 in the afternoon, and it's still just 10 degrees.

vbspurs said...

Presumably the weather is more ursine than equine.


At the moment, we in Miami are feeling rather down -- it's raining colts and bears.

And here is my gripe!

Why is it, WHY, that whenever there is a nationally televised event from Miami, that it is always, ALWAYS, raining? Thus giving the rest of the world the impression that it's soupy down here, as a matter-of-course.

Well, it doesn't! Humph.


Stiles said...

Nothing like getting out during a cold snap. I took my daughter to the Vilas Zoo yesterday and there were five cars in the lot. Visiting the zoo on a very cold or very snowy day is wonderful as the animals behave differently when there are fewer visitors. We saw birds in the aviary we had never seen before and they were much more vocal!l

David Walser said...


I feel your pain. Have you ever considered the fact that Arizona State's law school could use some good law professors? We'd love to have you in the area.

Eli Blake said...


I know what you mean. I live in the not-even-all-so-blazing hot part of Arizona (near Winslow) and today I was still out in my t-shirt (though it was a little chilly this morning).

But hey, you know-- we do live in the fastest growing state in the country, so it's a good thing that not everyone wants to move to paradise because we do, after all, need some people to remain up north so they can give us weather reports on how frosty things are.

Of course I did live in Montana for two winters and I learned how to tell when it is below -40 degrees. If you spit and it freezes on the way down and crackles when it hits the ground, then it is colder than -40 degrees. And if it is, then don't even think about urinating outside.