January 7, 2007

We were first. [I guess not!]

Did you know this about the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

ADDED: It looks like we're just first on that chart! Here's the squib that accompanies it.


Zeb Quinn said...

First what? To admit women? Nah, that's Oberlin College, 1833. First public university to admit women on a fully equal basis? That's the University of Iowa, 1855. So first what?

Tim said...

I wonder if the NY Times will ever publish a chart showing when the Black colleges integrate non-Black students.

The Drill SGT said...

I don't know when UC admitted women but here is a line of history:

With the completion of North and South Halls in 1873, the university relocated to its Berkeley location with 167 male and 222 female students.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

My husband's alma mater held out almost as long as VMI. Save the males!

Anonymous said...

I was in the first coed class at Washington & Lee.

I bet you can imagine what some of the bumper stickers and t-shirts on campus were like at the end of a 230-year southern tradition.

The first few years were rocky, but W&L is doing great since going coed.