January 27, 2007

We know how to make coffee in Wisconsin.


Intriguing, no?


Tim said...

Hmmm, while I'd try it, I have a few observations on the brewer's pitch:

1) It's unnecessarily confusing and/or misleading - first they state the coffee flavors "are created naturally during the brewing process by dark roasted malts," (suggesting no coffee in the beer) then they say "(o)ur Coffee Stout includes an infusion of Cold Pressed Organic Coffee. Well, o.k. then. So to what the hell do they attribute coffee flavors - to the dark roasted malts, or to the coffee? There is probably no need to pimp the dark roasted malts here.

2) This is 'merica. It's beer. Only poseurs call it bier. Sheesh. All beer drinkers know that. Call it Ale, or Porter, or Stout if you wish or must. That's fine. But not bier!

David said...

Intriguing? NO!

Beer is beer!

Coffee is coffee!

They each stand on their own merits! The ignorance of the differing degrees of roasting beans, malt, etc., is appalling. Beer, wine, coffee, and grains all share the same nuances of flavor and should be studied to be properly enjoyed.

AJ Lynch said...

Sheezam- next you will be bragging about that new-fangled sliced bread.

Simon said...

Haha. Definintely worth a try, although I share David's skepticism that the combination will work.

Jonathan said...

No, No, a thousand times No! Some lines should never be crossed and this is one of them. Flavored beer is a monstrosity and coffee flavored beer doubly so. David is right that they each stand on their own merits. A company that proposes mixing the two understands neither.

vbspurs said...

Psst, what the heck is that long tall bottle to the back? It's hootch, but which? Tequila or Vodka.

As for Wisconsin coffee, I can't even have this inside my coffee, let alone coffee-flavoured BEER.

But trust German-descendants to come up with that idea.


vbspurs said...
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Anonymous said...

Jonathan, beer has been flavored for centuries. With hops, of course, and with other spices, fruits, etc. The Belgian brewers, considered by most experts to be the best in the world, commonly use coriander, pepper, ginger and other flavoring agents in beer. I'm no fan of Coffee Stout, but please don't diss the folks in New Glarus. They make some very fine brews.

Ann, what's the bottle in the background? Pierre Ferrand? Grappa?

Mike said...

I love beer. I love coffee. But coffee flavored beer sounds like the worst idea since... since coffee flavored ice cream!

Simon said...

Victoria - cognac, maybe?

vbspurs said...

Simon, I think T Quark sussed it out.

Check out this Grappa Di Negri bottle.

Ahh, Italian design. *kisses fingers*

You know, Ann has an Italianate eye for design, one can't help but notice.

She likes sleek, elegant, minimalist lines and metallic colours around her, whenever possible.

And she makes darn sure you notice she likes that, too.

P.S.: I'm just the same.


Anonymous said...

1 sip of Grappa: I'm beatified
2 sips grappa: Hittin' on supermodels
3 sips grappa: What are you lookin' at?
4 sips grappa: Bulletproof
5 sips grappa: Invisisble
6 sips grappa: Black mariah taxi
7 sips grappa: Never been successfully atttempted; outcome unknown; see also: shallow grave.

Ann Althouse said...

It's not grappa. I've never had grappa. It's cognac, and T. Quark got the brand name.

FatOllie said...

What I find most interesting is the alcohol content. 5.75% is above average for any beer and much higher than the alcohol content of that Irish stout (probably the most famous) which has less alcohol than Coors Light.

Most stouts I have tried (and I do enjoy them occasionally) have flavors that remind me of coffee. I don't know why they would need to add more, but I've not tried the beer, so maybe it works. I'll give it a shot next time I'm in the Land of Snow and Socialism(tm).

Anonymous said...

Coffee makes the veins in your brains narrow so that the oxygen pumps faster, and beer makes the veins in your brain widen so that you get less oxygen. It seems that the effect of these two would cancel one another out, sort of like a husband and wife who both vote but always for opposing candidates.

Anonymous said...

damn, I'm good!

Simon said...

vbspurs said...
"Ahh, Italian design. *kisses fingers* You know, Ann has an Italianate eye for design, one can't help but notice."

I can sympathize with that. I have Italian tastes, too. ;)

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Combining beer and coffee? Drew Carey's show did it a million years ago and called it "Buzz Beer"

Kev said...
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Kev said...

Hmm..I like stout and I love coffee, so I would at least try this once. I've tried a chocolate stout in the past and liked it.

So how about some caffeinated doughnuts to go with your coffee beer?

class-factotum said...

They also make Uff-da and Spotted Cow beer.


John(classic) said...
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Daryl Herbert said...

First, the alcohol content is not much higher than Budweiser or Guinness Stout (both 5%), so I don't get the complaint.

Second, of course coffee flavors go well with dark stout flavors. Not ever beer is fizzy yellow pisswater.

Third, California has its own coffee-enhanced "Alesmith Speedway Stout" which weighs in at 12% ABV. We know how to make beer in California.