January 21, 2007

A vlog about not podcasting.

If you have trouble understanding that vlog, learn to speak body:

ADDED: I have nothing to say, because my speaking orifice is distorted.


Anonymous said...

One senses that not every comment should be for public viewing. Certain communications are purely intended as person to person, with perhaps, eventually, the later biographer picking up on these words.

"Something is inhibiting me..."

That's not a line Meryl Streep could deliver with more erotic potential.

Maxine Weiss said...

No couch? No sofa.

Not even a love seat?

Gotta get one.

Peace, Maxine

Simon said...

I think we caught the first on-camera Althousian expletive at one point, there. ;)

Looking good, though. :p

Ann Althouse said...

There's no expletive. I pull my camera onto the floor and only say "oh, no." There are 2 points where it might not be clear, but one is "You don't have to blanket..." and then I'm distracted. Maybe you thought I was saying "blank it" -- with "blank" meaning a curse? I was about to say that on a vlog you don't have to fill in all the lulls, you know, you don't have to blanket the recording with verbiage. I don't know what led me to choose the word "blanket." Maybe the blanket of snow that distracted me.

Simon said...

1:19 on the video was what I had in mind.

Simon said...

Speaking of snow, we had some here in Indiana - only an inch or two - which would be lovely but for one thing. We had a letter from the city environmental department complaining that we had a brush pile in need of being cleared within a week, and naturally, they sent it while we were on vacation, and we only got it on Friday. Cleared half of it yesterday, figured I'd do the rest today - oops!

Ann Althouse said...

Well, I had to rewatch the whole video to get to that point, Simon, and I have no idea what that inarticulate sound was. Seemed more like the beginning of "I can't..." and then I didn't finish the sentence. I wouldn't have cursed there. The place to curse was when I pulled the camera off the table.

Maxine: I have three sofas, in other rooms... I'll try to do a Hillaryesque sofa vlog sometime.

Simon said...

Rewatching that vlog doesn't seem too onerous a task. It's easy on the eye. ;)

Palladian said...

Just make the damn podcast already! You're killing us here!

And I do believe there has been an expletive uttered in a podcast before! I don't think I could find it (the disadvantage of non-searchable audio!) but I distinctly remember an expletive ...

vbspurs said...

"Here it is, yeah...yeah."

I was WRACKING my brain trying to remember who Ann reminded me of, during her intro.

Then I got it!

Now, this is my first Althouse vlog, so I don't know if the professor always sounds like this in them, but her mellow, pillow-talk voice reminded me very acutely of...


"Let's put a happy tree here, yeah...yeah."

I love it! I'll take the vlogs over the podcasts any day.

You can't see a Weeble-Wobble treehouse on a podcast.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

I second Palladian's demand for a podcast. You throw my whole week off when you don't have it. You are upsetting a very delicate ecosystem.

Making birdhouses....some can't, but Sippican.

vbspurs said...

Making birdhouses....some can't, but Sippican.



Our own Ruth Anne Buzzi.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Jonesin' for a podcast. Talk about Marbury v. Madison if you have to. I think it's akin to the local drug dealer giving it to the kids for free to hook them and then charging exorbitant prices for their next fix.

We know who the drug dealer is in this scenario, don't we?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Oh, I see what's coming. You're going to do a drive and make us all subscribe via iTunes so you can raise your [already confiscatory] ad rates. You're gonna' do a beg-a-thon podcast where you keep going to the bank of phones and asking how the subscriptions are going [I see Nina and Tonya manning the phones for the celeb cred they buy]. It's all so PBSish....so bitterly, bitterly cruel of you.

Careful...we might go 12-step on you...we might not need your @#$^*% podcasts after all.