January 30, 2007

The Self-Esteem Dentist v. A Creature Unlike Any Other.

Dentist Larry Rosenthal has had it with relationship guru author Ellen Fein:
"If she had a life, she wouldn't be harassing him," said David Jaroslawicz, the dentist's lawyer. "What kind of nut sets up something called LyingDentist.com?"

The tooth doc, dubbed the "mouth whisperer" for his New Age methods, says Fein tried to extort $100,000 from him for allegedly ruining her chompers a decade ago....

The blond author, who lives on Long Island, co-wrote a female-friendly series of dating books called "The Rules," that include nuggets of wisdom like "Be a Creature Unlike Any Other."

Rosenthal is a high-profile proponent of "self-esteem dentistry" and has sold a raft of celebrities on his smile-your-way-to-success theories....

Fein went to Rosenthal to have her teeth spiffed up in 1996. But she says he butchered a mouth realignment and gave her "gigantic" teeth.
The two will gnash it out in court.

Self-esteem dentistry? New-Age-y as it sounds, it looks like nothing more than unnecessary procedures done for the sake of beauty. The link is to Rosenthal's website, where we see pictures of him smiling toothily next to Donald Trump, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kathie Lee Gifford.

You can find the Lying Dentist website yourself. I'll link to the website for "The Rules," which were quite the thing a few years back. Check it out: the authors will consult with you by phone for $250 an hour. Or just read some Rules yourself:
Be a creature unlike any other

Being a creature unlike any other is really an attitude, a sense of confidence and radiance that permeates your being from head to toe. It's the way you smile (you light up the room), pause in between sentences (you don't babble on out of nervousness), listen (attentively), look (demurely, never stare), breathe (slowly), stand (straight) and walk (briskly, with your shoulders back). When a relationship doesn't work out, you brush away a tear so that it doesn't smudge your makeup and you move on!
It's the way you smile.... with gigantic chompers.


AllenS said...

Is there any tooth to this story? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, he does programs in Indianapolis! I should go!

KCFleming said...

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider also wrote "The Rules for Marriage: Time-Tested Secrets for Making Your Marriage Work," rules that apparently don't work.

Here's a (photo of Fein from 2001 (the complained-about dental work was done in 1996). Not overwhelming teeth, are they?

What's going on? Read the text. It says "she experienced intense pain, which even extended to her arms and other parts of her body".

Oh man, do I know this.
A Chronic Pain patient.
Advice to the dentist: run like hell.. This is a medical stalker, pure and simple.

Mortimer Brezny said...

It says "she experienced intense pain, which even extended to her arms and other parts of her body".

Whereupon she was displeased to discover that first orgasms are often painful for frigid killjoys.

vnjagvet said...

It looks to me like these two hype experts deserve each other.

Each is a litigation lawyer's dream client, so long as they can continue to pay the massive bills this type of litigation will surely cost. The goal: Leave no stone unturned for creation of the other's pain.

Unknown said...

Larry needs a haircut.

MadisonMan said...

The goal: Leave no stone unturned for creation of the other's pain.

They should just marry each other. It's a thin line between love and hate.

Joe Giles said...

Lemme give a brief cheer for "The Rules." They seemed to be the only message in the popular media at the time that opposed the "tart up for your man and do whatever he wants" ethos.

But it's of the "stopped clock is correct twice a day." The authors were obnoxious now and then, with or without teeth.

vbspurs said...

Quoting from NYDN:

"She says he ruined her life and ruined her marriage and her teeth aren't as beautiful as they were when she was 6 years old,"

I'm sorry, what -- your teeth aren't as beautiful as when you were 6 years old?

This is excellent. When I have Lasik surgery done, I'll sue my Opthamologist saying that my vision isn't as good as the day I came out of my mum's womb.

When Fein broke up with her husband, she blamed that on the dentist, too. "Dr. Rosenthal ... did not care one bit," Fein, 49, moaned on her Web site.

What we need is a book on "The Rules About Dealing With Neurotic, Narcissist Stalkers And the People Who Love Them".

I don't know this Ellen Fein, but from her alleged behaviour, she sounds what used to be called "a piece of work".


cold pizza said...

PITA patient-Pain In The @$$! -cp

KCFleming said...

It's funny, but I was just reading about this topic here (excerpt):

Trashed on the web? Now what?
"Anonymous patients are free to critique their doctors on Internet sites. But is it fair comment or unregulated doctor-bashing?

A number of these websites, most only a few years old, solicit and publish patient comments or ratings on doctors. They include RateMDs.com, NDDB (short for National Doctor Database), DrScore.com, DoctorScorecard, Book of Doctors, and ConsumerConnection.com. RateMDs boasts ratings for nearly 42,000 doctors, and DrScore claims 20,000.

While physicians may protest that such comments are unfair, some sites insist that their ratings offer them a reality check on the quality of their care. But not all doctors appreciate that opportunity. As Joanne Wong, co-founder of RateMDs, says, "Judging by the e-mails we receive, doctors are often unhappy with what we are doing. But patients approve almost unanimously, as evidenced by their words, and by our steadily increasing website traffic."

Anonymous said...

Gee, why doesn't Fein just brush away a tear so it doesn't ruin her make-up? Sounds like she's not following The Rules.

tiggeril said...

Man, people are dumb. New-Age dentistry?