January 6, 2007

Mysteries of the staircase.

Two figures in black:

The MMoCA staircase

The cityscape was found cubism:

Cityscape from the MMOCA staircase

Self portrait as a shadow:

Self-portrait as a shadow in the stairway

The transparent, huddled crowd:

The MMoCA staircase


cardeblu said...

Great play of light at the top of the stairs -- in all of them, in fact.

ASX said...

This is off topic. Please delete if you must.

But I wanted to point out that many of the right wing blogs, including even the discredited Michelle Malkin, are retracting their "Lonely Kerry" story. Malkin even apologized, demonstrating a degree of integrity I never imagined she was capable of.

So, Ann, I think it is time for you, too, to admit that you made a mistake by contributing to the smear campaign against Kerry. And I think you should apologize.

The thing is: It was obvious all along that the picture didn't necessarily show what you said it did.

Why do "moderate" bloggers like you and Michelle Malkin feel free to literally make things up?

Ken Stalter said...

It's Andy Warhol!

Dave said...

Apple store?

Ann Althouse said...

ASX: I did an update at the relevant post. And I hope you're telling Alpha Liberal at Daily Kos that he owes me an apology for calling me a liar. The news about the photo shows that the assertion they made -- that the photo was from a different time -- was itself incorrect. So, what do you say?

ASX said...

I apologize for not seeing your apology. :) But, thank you.

I'm not aware of the accusation from Alpha Liberal at Daily Kos, but I'll try to find some reference to it in your archives.