January 30, 2007

It's me and Mark Schmitt...

...on Bloggingheads! Topics:
Ann's rock-star aura of coolness

Mark wants outrage over income inequality

Hillary Clinton calculates a central position

Those impulsive, irrational women

How Obama has entered our space and organized our thoughts

Who wants to join the peace march? Not Mark and certainly not Ann

How George McGovern made us fat


Anonymous said...

Who wants to join the peace march? Not Mark and certainly not Ann

I'd be curious if you'd want to join these marchers.

Anonymous said...

After all, they share your pro-war view.

vbspurs said...

Hillary Clinton calculates a central position

BTW, did anyone see the Hillary Clinton quip about "evil men" yesterday?

I rather thought Ann here would at least refer to it in passing, since it was ...cute.

From the Chicago Sun-Times story on it:

A man in the crowd asked Clinton what she had in her background that would make her a good commander-in-chief, given that the world has "evil" leaders and a lot of them "happen to be men."

Clinton rephrased the question for the audience because most did not hear what the man said.
"The question really is," she said, "we face a lot of dangers in the world, and in the gentleman's words, we face a lot of 'evil men.'

"People like Osama bin Laden comes to mind."

She paused.

"And what in my background equips me to deal" --Clinton waited a beat and got a gleam in her eyes -- "with evil and bad men?"


It took about 30 seconds for the crowd to stop guffawing.

That was not the cute part, but her later questioning by media about what she meant, exactly.

She replied, laughingly,

"You guys keep telling me, 'lighten up, be funny,'" said Hillary Rodham Clinton. "You know, I get a little funny, and now I am being psychoanalyzed!"

I don't know if it was the "you guys" or seeing her in an attitude that was almost girlish (and therefore, extremely sympathetic), but I rather liked this reaction of hers.

If she had the slightest inkling on how to sell herself to the American public as a Presidential candidate, she'd bottle this one moment, and douse herself with it, everytime she went on the stump.


I'm Full of Soup said...

Listened to the segment on income equality. I was kinda surprised Schmitt was not concerned with the top 1% (the enormous earners) but he said he was primarly concerned with those in the next highest goup (he stated $500,000 as his level of concern).

I don't know Schmitt's background but that strikes me as envy of his neighbors and perhaps he should get a motor implanted into his heart if he wants to make more money cause he sounds like a very lethargic, unergetic guy.

Joseph said...

I like your reference to obsession with political news as just as emotional as revulsion to it. I'm a political junkie but my partner is so not and I think it good that he's not. Its good to see the world through prisms other than a political one, which probably is not a particularly logical realm.

eelpout said...


Ann Althouse said...

AJ: I don't think Schmitt is feeling envy. I think he wants more liberal policies and for that, he needs people to care about the uneven distribution of the wealth. Did you notice how his initial critique was about whether rich people earn their salaries, then, talking about policy solutions, he went on about higher taxes on capital gains?

I'm Full of Soup said...

No I did not notice that. My envy comment was just thrown out there because by choosing those who make as little as $500K, Schmitt has way more people to pick on. And that made me think there was a little neighbor envy involved.

Btw, this topic was the favorite of James Webb's in his counter to the state of the union. I don't begrudge anyone what they make as long as it is made honsetly. When the athletes salaries zoomed up and became a regular part of the sports page, I decided they earned it if the team owner signed the contract (no coercion huh?).

I think fiscal anxiety in USA has its roots in high tax burden! The average taxpayer "contributes" 12.4% in FICA payments and is told he does not save enough for retirement!! What the frig was the "contribution" for? (rhetorical question)

Daryl Herbert said...

It's a shame you fell for the NPR-listeners-are-smarter study nonsense.

For pretty much all of the questions, the right answer was the more liberal one.

I could just as easily devise a news quiz in which the right answers were all conservative/pro-war.

And then it would come out as: Fox fans are geniuses and NPR listeners are idiots.