January 13, 2007

"I'm a 67-year-old fat, white-haired, liver-spotted woman."

Oh! It's Grace Slick! She's old and fat and doesn't mind telling you so. And she's doing art now -- pictures, panned by critics, with titles like "Hooka Smoking Caterpillar" and "White Rabbit Remembering the Good Old Days."


Sissy Willis said...

Better to hear it from an authentic dried-up old hag than from crypto-mysogynists like Mark Steyn, who cast us women of a certain age thusly a couple of years back:

But this is a bit like arguing over which came first, the chicken or the egg - or, in this case, which came first, the lack of eggs or the scraggy old chicken-necked women desperate for one designer baby at the age of 48.

Wait until your young and lovely wife starts losing her charms, Mark, baby. She may not look so kindly on your choice of words for us old gals.

bearbee said...

"One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small"

Wrong pill?

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake what are people if not in touch with their inner liver spots?

Grace Slick and I go way back. This is a man who once nearly met Neal Cassady's brother!

Form an orderly queue for my palm print. Coming to a shopping mall near me sometime soon. Advance orders accepted, though infrequently delivered on time.

If we're not Hookah Smokin' Caterpillars then what hope is there for the world?

Drink taken - time for bed. Said Alice.

tiggeril said...

I don't think that's all that misogynistic, but in the interests of balance, we'll go with "craggy old saggy-scrotumed wankers."


I wonder if people have forgiven Grace Slick for the whole Starship debacle yet.

Pat Patterson said...

Mark Steyn was talking about declining birth rates in Europe. While Slick was talking about death. "I think old people are scary," says the former hippie vixen. "They remind you of your own death. People don't like to tell you that."

And sissy willis was talking about herself.

tjl said...

Poor Grace, once an icon, and now this.

But she had a good run while it lasted.

"Remember what the dormouse said,
Feed your head."

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Slick said, "I think old people are scary. They remind you of your own death."


Althouse thinks it's tattoos that remind you of death.

tom faranda said...


"Up against the Wall..."

The Drill SGT said...

Tell me it isn't so! I saw her at the Filmore in 68 I think. She was hot. Literally and musically.

2 acres in Malibu means she isn't on skid row yet. I could go see her on Snday, but I think I'll keep my memories a bit longer.

Anonymous said...

That Mark Steyn citation was pretty random. You been saving that up for just this occasion?

Anyway, I have just enough bad taste to point out that if you smoke your whole life, you're going to age a lot more quickly, assuming you're lucky enough to live into old age.

Other than that, Grace Slick owes no one any apologies. Her contributions to American culture were few, but those few were major. If we can worship Harper Lee for writing one book, we can worship Grace Slick for writing and singing two songs.

Anonymous said...

Her brother wrote one of the songs, but Grace sang it. And brought it with her from the Great Society when she came on board.