January 15, 2007

I love one-idea blogs.

Like this. (Via Metafilter.)


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Anonymous said...

If he ever decides to end the blog he should show this series of pictures as the justification:

1. Standard running away from camera.
2. Camera goes off as it swings against a runners leg: pic is of him chasing someone who has apparently stolen the camera.
3. Extreme closeup of him when the camera triggers as it is being slammed into his head by the thief.
4. Ground level shot of him fighting the thief as the camera has just been dropped and has gone off after hitting the ground.
5. Picture of thief being hauled away by the police -- notice the distortion from the cracked lens.
6. Picture of himself in the mirror as he cleans the blood off his battered face. You can also see that the poor camera is battered and nearly destroyed.

After all that you would understand him not wanting to do it anymore.

Anonymous said...

where's althouse though?

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, but how many pics is it good for? I mean, does the idea have legs? Aside from those running from the camera.


Tim said...


Anonymous said...

Hmm... something to do on a boring day, I suppose. :-)

amba said...

Now there's a cool "art project." Not only does the scene, season, weather, and light change, but apparently his weight, and his speed, and his degree of earthboundness. The "same" action highlights the point that not only is every moment unique but we are also never the same. (It reminds me of how I used to feel my female body change shape every month, like a cloud. I don't mean it just swelled up and then subsided. I mean that every time the cycle ended, I was some different shape than before.)

Now it would be interesting seeing him do it in the same place on a bunch of different days. Maybe his studio, and one or two outdoor locations, a city and a nature.

Did you look at his other blog? That's cool, too. Especially his post on what a muggezifter is.

Maxine Weiss said...

But, how come all the blogs you love....just happen to be on Blogger?

I've noticed you don't happen to love any blogs on Typepad.

Capricorns--- and their extreme loyalty.

Peace, Maxine

Susan said...

Thanks for the heads-up on his other blog. And I now await the proper moment to insert mugge(n)zifter into a conversation.

By the way, I fit your profile (3/23/46).

Finn Kristiansen said...

Well after the novelty runs off, the blog becomes less about him running away (the fixed factor), and more about the variable factors: the changing locales and scenes.

But his derriere kinda begins to ruin the non-novelty aspects too. It's like staring at a beautiful woman with a mole above her lip, or finding a hair in one's plate at a high end restaurant.

Does kinda make me want to move to the Netherlands.

Mark Daniels said...

That's fun. But if he really were running away from his camera, his wouldn't only be a one-idea blog, but a one-post blog.

I wonder if there are any of those? I mean that are deliberately so...and one-post blogs left behind by terrorists or those who've taken their own lives don't count. Deliberate one-post blogs could come from someone with great self-control. Or might be the product of someone painfully devoid of ideas.


vbspurs said...

Ruth Anne wrote:

But that would have to be a different blog, I guess.

Heh. Yeah.

I like this guy's blog idea, though I'm not too sure it has legs, as tmink said.

You can tell it's always the same guy, and I think if he posted pics of others running away, it would be much more interesting.

Fave pic: The paint store.

Amba wrote:

Did you look at his other blog? That's cool, too. Especially his post on what a muggezifter is.

Ooh, I like his second blog better.

Check out the blogpost, "me".

Is it 'me' or do I see a facial similarity to Paul Giamatta?


Brent said...



Anonymous said...

If you're interested in highly specialized blogs, try the Fat Wonder Woman Blog.

Todd said...

He obviously can't run very fast...