January 8, 2007

I know there's a problem...

... getting into the comments pages. I wish I could remember how I nudged things back into shape the last time that happened! Maybe a new post -- i.e., this -- will help.

ADDED: Last time, it had something to do with the formatting of the dates shown in the archive in the sidebar. They shifted from one format to another on their own... It happened again.

AND: I managed to tweak it back into shape just by fooling around. Annoying though... especially since I'm moderating the comments and certain (immoderate!) people started accusing me of rejecting their comments because they weren't showing up right away. Which would be stupid anyway... since I don't hover over the blog all day long. I was off doing something. Actually, I was recording a Bloggingheads episode with Matthew Yglesias. Strangely, it's all about drugs!


Daryl Herbert said...

I got in to the post I wanted to comment in on my first try (typing the URL myself)

Gerry said...

IIRC, last time you fixed it by turning on the verification word and then turning it back off.

Maxine Weiss said...

Why are you moderating comments?

It destroys the pleasure of seeing one's comment displayed instantly.

Kind of a let-down for a site that was known for its comments.

Changes the whole tone of the blog. Something is lost.

Peace, Maxine

Anonymous said...

I'm with Maxine. For me, the problem with moderation is not so much the instant gratification as it is the lack of give-and-take. If comments pile up in a queue and then appear when it's possible for you to moderate them, there's no discussion -- it's just a bunch of shots in the dark. The back & forth sometimes got abusive, to be sure. I get why you've done this. But it's coming at a cost.