January 7, 2007

Democrat's vow...


So soon... And it's... because of a football game?


hdhouse said...

Let's just be clear here:

1. It's Drudge. Why on earth do you read or monitor or in anyway encounter Drudge? Did you misspell slime?

2. House comes into session Monday evening and adjorns Friday (that is 5 days) unless you want to apply the logic that we often apply to tenured professors - that if they aren't teaching a class then they aren't working...so Ann you work a 12 hour week? Don't befuddle befuddled logic further.

3. Frankly the only thing that has saved ths good and noble country for the last 6 years is that lack of work undertaken....God knows what creek we would be up if the Republicans worked at it more.

Steve said...

Meet the new Boss... same as the old Boss...

-Peder said...

hdhouse, maybe you should read the entire article that's linked. It clearly says that Monday is off. What strikes me is how a thin a reason that is to take the day off. A football game? One that takes place at night?
Probably no one voted for them because they wanted five day work weeks, but there has been a large number of 'change of management' type announcements that seem to be all talk and no follow through. I don't think that's encouraging.

Gahrie said...


As usual, you have flown off the hook half-cocked, and have no idea of what you are talking about.

The Democrat pledge is to work from 6:30 P.M. Monday to 2:00 P.M. Friday (their "5 day" work week), but this pledge is being violated this week, with No business scheduled for this Monday.

The only thing you have managed to get half right is the idea that the less Congress does the better. (although you have managed to mess that up by turning it into an anti-Republican screed)

Anonymous said...


So, you're now saying Drudge is forging press releases from the House Majority Leader? I know this is a really hard concept for partisan hacks to get their heads around, but some of us believe that politicians should translate campaign rhetoric into objective reality.

And as for you cheap bitch at Professor Althouse, if any professor of mine cancelled a class or tutorial without an extremely good reason (and, no, a football game doesn't count) they'd be on the receiving end of 'a free and frank exchange of views'.

Joe Baby said...


Was never able to get away with this myself...that is, having a dumb enough boss who would allow me to take the day off for a game that begins at 8pm EST.

Kinda says something about how much these jokers think of their boss (and no, not talking about Nancy).

Of course, I suspect that many of them won't be watching on TV, but will be paratrooping in and sitting in the skyboxes. Then returning to work on Tuesday and telling us what "regular Americans" need.

Ann Althouse said...

hdhouse: Everyone reads Drudge! Don't be absurd. And you think I teach 12 hours a week? Oh, you poor deluded little man! I teach 5 or 6 hours a week, and it's considered a heavy load in lawprofessordom. But I didn't go around making vows on the subject. That said, I've never cancelled a class for a frivolous reason, not in 22 years of teaching.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

The last time Althouse cancelled class was a pretty darn good reason.

Ann Althouse said...

The Historian of the Althouse Blog!

That was the only weather cancellation I ever did.

I've never cancelled for illness, even though I had pneumonia one year.

I cancelled once when there was a fire in the building and I was also distressed because my father was dying.

The only other time I've cancelled, I think, was when I had engagement out of town that was important to attend for professional reasons.

hdhouse said...

taller than you ann..little man indeed....not to be confused with little women.

its too bad that you don't teach more.

drudge is drudge.

now if you meant they were talking every monday of every week off which was the implication of your "broken vow" overstatement, then that really isn't true is it now? probably the worst thing that you (collectively) right wingies do is take one observation and swell it up some...leaving a modicum of truth to it but clearly implying something to a much larger degree.

Rush does this all the time with the infamous "its 28 degrees outside...what global warming?".

Its silly to do it ann and by the responses, the kool-aide krew jumped on that sailing ship as fast as they could.

ASX said...

Is the totally unreliable Drudge lying again?

I never heard any Democrat "run on" the five-day work week. I never heard a word about it until after the election.

Is this another Drudge hit job?

ASX said...

You know, this post really does qualify as yet another in a series of anti-Democratic smears. On several levels.

I NEVER see these kinds of cheap shot distortions taken at Republicans.

Granted, I'm fairly new to the blog.

But exactly on what basis are we supposed to not believe you (Ann) are a partisan Republican?

Yes, I know you used to vote Democratic, but does that make you a centrist when your entire message is anti-Democratic, to include even smears and distortions?

Bob said...

Actually, a football game is a wonderful reason to cancel work, particularly if it is Congress.

vbspurs said...

Yes, I know you used to vote Democratic, but does that make you a centrist when your entire message is anti-Democratic, to include even smears and distortions?

Usually, I might agree, ASX.

But considering what Ann experienced from the sinister side of the political aisle today, I'd suggest not mentioning smears and distortions just right now.

Pot. Kettle. Black.


Steve said...

How strange. Drudge claims the Democrats ran on this "pledge." Yet the source for the pledge is... a Washington Post story from December, well after the election. Little slippery, no?

I realize there are many people who feel their job is to keep a watchful eye for Democratic hypocrisy. And surely not even the most partisan Dem expects Congress to be run by perfect angels for the next 2 years. But thus far, the "broken promises" that have been spotlighted just strike me as so, so petty. It's like, by the time they get around to breaking some real promises, no one will be paying attention any longer, the boy having cried wolf so many times.

Anonymous said...

The Drudge-bashing is really bizarre. He's reporting news, and that makes him "slime?" He links to the source of his news -- a Democratic leader's own press release, and he's "unreliable" and "lying" and "a distortion?"

A cheap shot, maybe so. But do you really think you're going to convince anyone that in the past 12 years the Republicans were never on the receiving end of cheap shots? Newt Gingrich became public enemy #1 because the press portrayed him as a crying baby. The press lives on cheap shots, and so do snarky bloggers. From both sides. I don't think Arianna Huffington's blog would exist without cheap shots.

I'd hate to think you posters are mad at Drudge because he made the Democrats look bad with a truthful report. Is the media supposed to only report the doubleplusgood things that the new Congress does?

Al Maviva said...

I'm not sure you want to be calling the Democrats on their 100 hours process. Having seen some of the draft legislation they are about to ram through - some of which a room full of con law and admin law profs and practitioners would probably find really bad - I'm not sure you want to hold them to their promise to enact sweeping changes without stopping to think about it. I'm trying to remember the last time Congress enacted sweeping new legislation with little deliberation... seems to me the bill's name rhymed with "schmatriot" or something like that. That bill went through with about 30 days of deliberation. Not sure I'd hold out much hope for a series of bills passed on three days of one-party deliberation will be much more well received, in the long run.

hdhouse said...

Ann Althouse said...
hdhouse: Everyone reads Drudge! Don't be absurd."

Earth to Ann: No. Not everyone.

ASX said...

johnstodder said...
He links to the source of his news -- a Democratic leader's own press release, and he's "unreliable" and "lying" and "a distortion?"


Drudge ... made the Democrats look bad with a truthful report.

Let me help you, johnstoddard.

Drudge said that Democrats "ran on" a vow of a 5 day work-week. That's not proven in the report, and has not been proven by anything else on Drudge's site.

I follow politics pretty closely, and I never heard a single word about the 5 day work week until after the election.

Unless I missed something, it is flatly false to say that Democrats ran on a vow to work a 5 day work week.

Alpha Liberal said...

Ann Althouse says: "Everyone reads Drudge! Don't be absurd."

No, Ann, not really. Many of us have found Drudge to be a very partisan and flawed "reporter." He's a GOSSIP, not a reporter. The list of his false reports is quite long.

I guess didn't learn anything from your propagating the FALSE "Kerry eats along" story.

You really don't seem to care for accuracy or whether or not you lie to your readers. Better to respond with vapid and FALSE statements, as you have done here.

Drudge sucks.

Alpha Liberal said...

Anyone note that Drudge cites only unnamed "Hill sources?" Not Ann!

A few examples of Drudge's habit of lying, twisting and lying to his readers:

- He said after the fall elections that Pelosi was "hiding from the media," even as she was appearing on 60 Minutes and in various other news stories. (The RNC was pushing the same line).

- Drudge pushed the "Bush in a burqa" story back in November. Who out there believes Bush is an Islamist fundie crossdresser? Hands? Anyone? Ann?

- Falsely reported that both Carter and Clinton approved warrantless searches of American citizens.

- He falsely reported that Dean was supporting Mitch Landrieu over incumbent mayor Ray Nagin in the Norleans mayor's race.

- Drudge falsely reported Gore tok 5 cars to travel 500 feet to a showing of his film. Drudge withdrew the false report. Althouse probably highlighted it!

- Drudge falsely reported that the Foley emails were all a prank.

- Drudge falsified reports about Raw Story on Karl Rove

There's loads more out there, but why bother? Experience has shown Ann Althouse has no interest i being accurate. (When will she apologize for propagating the false "Kerry eats alone story?")

Alpha Liberal said...

I see Ann is filtering out posts. Guess you won't be hearing much from me!

One last try, from the Moderate Independent:

“Drudge is not a reporter, a journalist or a newsgatherer. He is, as he himself admits, simply a purveyor of gossip. See Complaint, Exs. 6, 8. His argument that he should benefit from the "news gathering exception" to subsection (a)(4) of the long-arm statute merits no serious consideration.”

This is not speculation or commentary from any political type. This is the legal opinion of a judge who presided over a defamation suit in which Drudge was involved a few years ago.

Alpha Liberal said...

Ranapia: "So, you're now saying Drudge is forging press releases from the House Majority Leader?"

Nothing in what he posted can be reasonably construed so.

Compare Hoyer's press release and the Drudge account. Hoyer never said that the House was not in session because of a football game. Drudge attributes that to an anonymous source without bothering to say if it's D or R.

What's more, the vow to "work five days a week" is not the same thing as the house being in session five days a week. There are committee meetings and other work to be done that also count as "work." Hoyer never said "no one is working," and I just saw Pelosi on CNN, so she is working.

Alpha Liberal said...

And here's Drudge falsehood for you, Ann. Drudge also reported Kerry was having an affair in the runup to the 2004 election.

That was a false report, too.

You sure don't seem to care a whit for accuracy!

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, Alpha Liberal, you jerk! You owe me an apology. You called me a liar for presenting the Kerry photo as having been taken on the date when it actually was taken.

As for reading Drudge and whether Drudge is fair or accurate... those are two different matters! People read Drudge because it's readable. We know it's not quite right, but we like it anyway.

Anonymous said...

CNN is reporting today that Pelosi adjourned during the game at the request of House minority leader John Boehner!! Apparently Boehner is a huge Ohio State fan.

For someone to apparently go to the Drudge report and claim it was because she wanted to do it was a gross distortion.

But I suppose if she had denied his request, then it would have been about how she was not following through on her pledge to make the house more civil.

hdhouse said...

Ann Althouse said...
"People read Drudge because it's readable. We know it's not quite right, but we like it anyway."

I rest my case. also see Eli's comment above. Anne gets the Anthrax Annie Coulter award for best immitation of a J. Edgar in drag.

Ernie Fazio said...

What, the truth of the item comes out and the comments stop? Ann, what do you say? Drudge just being Drudge? Boehner asked for the time to go to the BCS Championship in Arizona, but he should have worked. If he was at the game/debacle, he now wishes he had stayed in the House being bipartisan. L'Althouse, you appear to be sliding down that slippery slope to irrelevance. Leave politics and go back to popular culture.

Alpha Liberal said...


To be clear, on your blog here I called you a liar not for the time stamp on the photo, but for saying Kerry called the troops "losers" and for related misdeeds. He never did, andI doubt any national politician ever would. It's that stupid, you'd need to put it beneath all of them. And tha'ts pretty dumb.

And, part of the reason I took you to task is your willingness to, time and again, perpetuate these false attacks against Democrats, while pretending to be non-partisan. You did it again here and I expect you will do it again.

You may think someone shining a light on your consistent misrepresentations makes someone a "jerk," but I don't think that people who lie so casually deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Now maybe if you posted their attacks and subjected them to some critical thinking, it would be a different matter. But you don't seem to apply any critical thinking at all in these matters, you just leap to bash the Dems.

(And the part where you admit Drudge is not "right" but you still peddle his nonsense is rich. Your readers should understand you're being less than honest with them).

Alpha Liberal said...

p.s. And I see you edited your Kerry-bashing post to apologize. Good for you, but that's a pretty well buried apology. SOmething more prominent sich as a fresh post disavowing being sucked into right wing attack memes would boost your stoick the most in my book.

hdhouse said...

well ann, i was right and you were wrong but that's another story. how about i sell you a bridge. i'll post the "for sale" on drudge (or leak it to him)...bidding will start shortly thereafter.

i would expect better source searching from a professor. publish or parish i always say but the "truth" after publish is assumed and shouldn't be needed.