January 3, 2007


I know it's annoying to post this so late. I need to check Retrocrush more often. But here's a cool list of the 100 Most Annoying Things of 2006. You know you want to read the whole thing.


R2K said...

2006 was not all that great.

TabithaRuth said...

I must say you post the most interesting stuff! I love seeing what pops up here.

ASX said...

Hi Ann,
Would it be wrong of me to post one of my own annoyances here in this thread?

The only annoying thing about your blog is that the comments are on the same site. Therefore, when I try to search your site for something like, say "Military Commissions Act," most of the results are from the comments, and not from your own posts.

If you used an external comment system like YACCS, then the search results for your site would ONLY include your writings. Of course, on the other hand, your users' comments would not be searchable if you made this switch.

I'm sure you know all of this already, so forgive my unsolicited opinion. I know it's "annoying" when readers complain -- so please forgive me.


MadisonMan said...

Really Annoying: Referring to celebrity couples by merged names. And I think lists themselves are annoying -- who needs to be reminded about Keven Federline, for example, or Pat Robertson?

Bissage said...

I wasn’t annoyed in the least. In fact, I was delighted. Were it not for your post I’d never have known of that list.

Please don’t overestimate the sophistication of your loyal readers. I know for certain that one of them is quite dim and wholly reliant upon your good counsel.

Anonymous said...

Here's my list of annoying (which doesn't apply to this link obviously because it was put together online):

'year in review retrospectives' out on store shelves with a week left in December that were obviously pulled together after November.

As just one example, under 'obituaries' you won't find James Brown, Gerald Ford or Saddam Hussein.

Two years ago they really got burned when the biggest international story of 2004 caused a lot of those 2004 retrospectives to sit on store shelves because everyone wanted to read about the tsunami.

But considering that USA Today can put together and distribute a newspaper all over the U.S. in less than a day (one way is that they wire the layout to local publishers), it seems to me that year-in review magazines could be put together during the year (hence 90% written already), then edited as needed in December and published and distributed within no more than three days.

R2K said...

John Mark Carr was the most scary thing in 2006, or OJ maybe. Or Bird flu? :)

Anonymous said...

Bissage:Please don’t overestimate the sophistication of your loyal readers. I know for certain that one of them is quite dim and wholly reliant upon your good counsel.

Make that two.

That was a laugh-out-loud funny list. My probable favorite was the Captain Crunch cereal mention ("mouth shredding danger breakfast"), but I was also right there with #96 (Audrey Hepburn Gap ads -- who past the age of 19 can wear skinny pants these days? More importantly, who should? No one!). The entire top (bottom?) 15 was absolutely brilliant. Many is the time I've wanted to smack the smug off of Hannity, even though we're ostensibly on the same political team.

Madison Guy said...

It's a New Year. 2006 is so yesterday. Instead of pondering lists of the old, you could turn over a new leaf and finally get organized. You really could. You could even get help from the National Association of Professional Organizers. Or you could just stop obsessing and learn to love the order in disorder and the beauty of the blooming penicillin mold.